Sheila James

“Sheila was born with a truly dynamic and exceptional psychic  gift – one that has benefited people from all over the world,  through which she shares her great ability to see, feel and hear the most important and significant things that you are ready to know and need at this time.” 

          Angela Donovan


I was only seven years old when I started reading palms.   My interest developed because I would see the energy field around a person’s hand and discovered that I could pick up a lot of information about that person.  READ MORE



What They’re Saying

 "I have had the privilege of being a client with Sheila James for 7 years.


She offers true professionalism and experience along with training in several other areas including past life regression and guided meditations. Even given all that, her greatest gift is compassion.


One session and your life's journey will ease. When you seek clarity, choose Ms. James."


Rene Baly

Virgin Islands

"I cant believe how happy

I now feel after working with Sheila

...she's amazing"


Gill Coupland

Oxfordshire, England

Sheila is gifted, able to see things about us and within us that we ourselves are often

quite unaware of; Sheila helped me become strong and to recognize my ability to weather the most seemingly unbearable storm—the death of my child.

Sheila James changed my life."


Penrose Anderson

Los Angeles




"Life is the river

that runs between the banks

of pleasure and pain.

Stay in the river and don't get caught on the banks."



Pink Flower

If you are willing to be patient and listen to the Guidance, the circumstances of your life will be much easier to navigate.

The Stars

Your thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams will be reflected in the cards you select.

Fortune Telling Cards

The ‘umbilical cord’ which joins us to that which creates us, can never be broken and our understanding of the absolute oneness of life is strengthened.

Meditation Class

Although I come from Britain, I now live in the mountains of West Virginia where I work from home.   However, I do travel to fulfill public events and group bookings, and clients who live reasonably near are welcome to visit me at my home. As much of my work is conducted by phone, I can be reached easily by both telephone and email. 


[001] 304-992-9398


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