When I was ten or eleven I began my study of astrology which wasn’t easy as it was hard to find books on the subject and I had no one to teach me.  This was long before the internet or the growth of the mind-body-spirit movement, and as I look back I realize that I learned a lot through a more direct line of teaching.  I already “knew”, and the rest of it was academic.

Being a keen dressmaker I had a passion for color and was curious to know why I would want to be sewing pink items, or green, or blue.  Why was this?  Well the chance to train and qualify as a color therapist was presented to me and through this I found answers to all my color questions.  

I honed the ability to detect colors in the electromagnetic field and to interpret their meanings.  When I give readings today, either in person or by phone, I will often see a color or series of colors whose meanings are deeply connected to my client.  You don’t have to see a person physically to see their energy field.


As is always the way with life, what your path has already dictated will be presented to you.   Thus it was with the interpretation of dreams and the opportunity to study dream therapy came to me which opened yet another door to my understanding of the deeper levels of Mind, Self and the invisible universes.   In the dream state, unless you are dreaming lucidly, you will experience yourself without any conditioning from the conscious mind.   What does your dream mean – but more important, who is the Dreamer?


What is termed “psychic” work cannot be taken as separate from the rest of life, which is dictated because through the work I do with you, they will be there with me and working on your behalf.   Throughout my adult  life I have literally bumped into all the right teachers.  I have never sought them out as they have all appeared as if by magic when I have been ready.  

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