Intuitive & Channeled Readings

Readings are conducted under guidance by phone or in person.  You may bring questions to the reading but these are usually answered before they are asked. The intention of the reading is bring some kind of healing during the course of the reading, to give clarity and purpose, and peace of mind.


Nearly all my work is conducted by phone as I work with clients all over the world.  I start working before my client’s call comes through and the appointment follows no particular formula.  


Regardless of the issues at hand, it is the intention of the Guides that a healing be effected while the reading is in progress.   Nothing can be guaranteed but the aim of the reading is that my client will leave the reading with greater peace of mind, clarity and a positive focus on his or her own faith.   Many clients have told me later that something heavy had shifted, and shifted for good.


PRICE - $115 







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