Developing Intuition classes consist of deep-guided meditations, meeting with guides and loved ones in Spirit, the study and understanding of dreams and the meaning of color and how it affects our life.  We learn to identify the auric field and interpret its meaning.   We examine some of the experiences we are having and learn to bring healing into our own lives and those of others.  In meditation we can experience the deep peace, calm and sanity that we crave in our daily lives, and in our normal waking consciousness we can claim a greater sense of joy and happiness that appears to be so elusive.   We learn that the ‘umbilical cord’ which joins us to that which creates us, can never be broken and our understanding of the absolute oneness of life is strengthened.


Developing intuition has a twofold purpose:


  • Firstly, we want to be more tuned in to our internal guidance and have an expanded experience of our own Self.  

  • Secondly, we want to experience our personal connection to the Divine in a more concrete and purposeful way.





As a trained and qualified color therapist, I am able to diagnose the colors around you and interpret what they mean and how they affect you.  Color is a fascinating subject and the application of color can be extremely effective.  Knowledge of this ancient science is everywhere in our language  -  “feeling blue”,  “in the pink”,  “green with envy”   etc and these sayings have a clear basis in fact.   I run courses in the Psychology of Color which goes into great detail about the colors around you, and what they mean.

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