• Sheila James

January 2018

As your planet opens to a new calendar year this is the time many of our friends create new goals and make resolutions which invariably include ways to better their lives.   A resolution is an intention and while it is normal to start a new year with good intentions many find it impossible to follow them.   So we suggest to you that you consider long and hard before you make decisions bearing in mind that it may not be possible to follow them through.

The hardest thing you will ever have to change is your own mind.   The mind is an instrument of addiction and the vast majority of people begin and end each day with the same thoughts in their heads as they had the day before, and will have again the next day.  In your world much is known and talked about concerning addictions to substances and behavior, but it is important to understand that the mind itself is an instrument of addiction and for as long as you believe what your mind tells you, you will be a slave to your addictive thinking.   The same series of thoughts that you have each day create a kind of invisible furrow in the mind which gets deeper and wider each time the same thought is registered.  Anyone who has freed themselves from an addiction knows that this action was precipitated by a change in the heart first that led to a change in the mind.   So it is with all thought and, whether your thoughts are considered positive or negative in their nature, they are still thoughts.

We see many of our earthly friends concerned and worried about the state of the world you all live in.   Much information has come to public notice about the way things are and what goes on behind the scenes.  As new information reaches you it affects the way you think but remember this,  you are still thinking and adopting new judgments and opinions based on what you read and hear.   Having a new opinion about something doesn’t necessarily mean that that thing will change, it just means you regard it from a different angle.  

While it is worthy to look for a more enlightened viewpoint the change you really want is to be able to perceive life from a position beyond that of the thinking mind which will forever exist in a state of duality, usually somewhat at war with itself.  The state of awareness means just that – the willingness to be aware of all that is, as far as you are able to.  It doesn’t mean being passive or uninvolved with life, it means seeing all that you regard from a state of Oneness in the full knowledge that who you are is truly much greater than what your mind perceives.   True awareness leads to right action as the thinking processes become clear and intuition can arise freely.   Do not confuse intuition with opinion, for many believe they are being intuitive about something when really they are just having an opinion.  An opinion may be right or wrong, it doesn’t matter which, but it is still a very personalized action arising from the mind.   Intuition is impersonal and while opinions freely abound everywhere you look, intuition doesn’t always arrive on demand.  You may be faced with a situation where a decision is needed but you do not know which way to go.  The best thing is not to think too hard about the issues involved but to simply have awareness of how you feel about it and how it may affect your own life and that of others around you.  The point where you say “I don’t know” is the point where you open to guidance from within.   The old saying “sleep on it” is a good one and holds true, for what it really means is that a mind at rest allows for clarity.   When thought arises it is followed by emotion and this is not something that is easily controlled.  Emotion invariably colors what you think and you discover that much of your thinking is colored by what you are feeling.When awareness is present it is accompanied by a sense of wholeness which is another word for love.  No matter what the matter at hand entails it is always easier to bear where there is clarity even if you don’t have the immediate answer.

The thinking mind is caught up on a track of past and future, old situations that the mind remembers from the past being repeated in the present, and fears that the mind believes in being projected into the future.  By stepping out of the mind and dwelling in awareness these traps are avoided.   How often have you seen some problems remedied as if by magic, and you say it is a miracle?  With awareness miracles are the norm, for the reality is that the entire Essence of life is geared towards healing, no matter how hard it is sometimes to believe that.  Think of all the seeming miracles that have occurred in your own lives when a problem has been too great for you to bear in your mind, and you have simply had to let it go.

It is in the state of awareness that you feel most free and contented, untroubled by all the fears, hopes, doubts and conflicts that exist within the thinking mind.  Nothing is more infectious on your planet than thought and the more individuals who are willing to surrender the addiction they have to their own thoughts, the more an atmosphere of awareness will prevail.  Within a state of awareness all things become possible and you cease to exist as a limited human being.  You experience yourself more deeply and fully and simple things become meaningful and pleasant.  When your mind is full of itself, mostly daily actions happen as if on automatic pilot and you reach the end of the day wondering how you spent it.

We do not wish you to become passive for the state of awareness is not a passive one.  Much good has occurred through human history because certain people were willing to engage with awareness and go beyond their own thoughts and desires to embrace what was really needed to the benefit of all humanity.    Repetitive thinking and judgment, and an overcrowded mind that knows no rest, restricts the possibilities available to all individuals and contracts the life for as you think, thus you will experience.

Do not be hard on yourself.  No matter how difficult life may appear to be at this time you are never separated from the true Essence of the life force and that which Creates it.   It is in quiet moments of awareness that the Presence is truly felt and the more you practice this the better off you are.

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