• Sheila James

April 2017

It is always a pleasure for us to communicate with you this way and we welcome the opportunity.   We see the chaos that is occurring in your world and the sorrow it is causing.   All humans are bestowed with the gift of free will and it is how you use that free will that concerns us.

Do not believe that the influences affecting your world, which are beyond your control, are of no interest to us because they are of great interest.  At levels you do not understand events are made to happen but these events are also man made.  They do not necessarily serve the interests of all mankind but are aimed at serving the interests of those who have the power.  We do not mean that all those in power are of a malevolent disposition but many are not enlightened in the ways of the Spirit of life and do much to prevent the progress of mankind.   Most humans have a natural desire to want to build functioning society, but some do not.  A person may be judged by their actions and behavior and those who crave power will use their personal force of will, for good or otherwise, to influence the rest.

Humans have a natural sense of collectivity and the herd instinct is strong.  Where we are, we are able to think and feel as one even though we retain our individuality because we do not live in a dualistic consciousness.   Therefore we have none of the personal conflict experienced by humans and none of the problems.  As consciousness develops and expands the dividing lines between one individual and another becomes blurred and when the thinking mind is allowed to rest a sense of oneness permeates the human experience.

Humanness by its very nature denotes individuality and separation and the gift of human life is to experience oneness through awareness and developed consciousness whilst residing in separated form.  This in itself is power, for in this state you have the power to hold absolute wholeness within, that includes all of life, whilst still residing in a separated form.   It is at this point you realize that everyone is as much yourself as you are.  Everywhere you look you see others as reflections of the Self and even the Self becomes impartial in the understanding that all of life is granted by one Source and is sustained by one spirit, or energy.

It is the mind of the human that creates the problems, divisions and conflicts.  As we have so often said before it is not possible to change your mind and trying to suppress thought leads to stress which reveals itself in a myriad of destructive ways.   To stand back and become the observer of your thoughts places you firmly in a position of awareness where you can experience your true self more fully and deeply.  It is here that clarity arises and regardless of what is going on around you, you know that in this moment you can honestly say nothing more than simply  this:  I Am.  In this state you are not even required to be a person.  Awareness is yours and it is free.  Nothing can ever take it from you.

Those around you who have the power to affect your life, without your agreement, are those whose free will has aligned with personal will.  In itself this is not wrong because leaders are needed in order for human society to function.   There are many good people holding positions of power who wish to do good things, but there are also those whose intentions are less pure.    Fighting so-called “dark” forces can achieve results in certain circumstances but the real fight is within the Self to allow the mind to literally take a back seat.  

You need your mind to function in your life, as this is what it is designed for.  But once it engages with emotion to dominate your awareness you have become separated from the true Self.

All souls yearn for a deep and abiding love according to their own nature and this love is found within the Self and shared with others and the whole of life.   This is love.   This is the love of that which creates you in the first place and is with you for the whole of your life and beyond.   It is a love that does not impose or interfere but will guide you and help you if you will allow it.  It comes through the Sacred Heart and can influence the mind rightly, if you trust it.

Our counsel to you today, our dear friends, is to allow your internal mental conflicts to subside, and dwell in this state of love, knowing fully that although you think of yourself as a limited human being, the truth of who you are is unlimited awareness and unlimited love.   Allow this love to guide your mind and it will become the servant of the heart and the spirit, doing its job appropriately and efficiently as it was designed to do.  

For all the opinions and judgments you have about yourself, know that this Love is the truth of who you really are."

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