• Sheila James

August 2017

From where we are, we see that confusion reigns in the lives of many of our earthly friends. Often this is not personal confusion but more a confusion regarding the state of affairs that pervade your collective world. There are many things going on that we would counsel you to approach cautiously for you do not always have all the facts. There is much behind the scenes activity which you are not aware of, and because of this we suggest you take lightly information that is presented to you through your media. It is tempting, in times of political turmoil, to give all your attention to the drama and crises that impinge upon your waking life, but we ask you to take a step away from it all.

Regardless of who you are you will always be you. Politicians and other public figures come and go but who you truly are stays with you at all times. Keeping abreast of public situations is of course a good thing to do, but don't let them overwhelm you. Who you are is a creative being with the power to create and recreate your life as situations arise which require your attention and input. What you see "out there" is literally that - "out there", and you have the ability to be creative from "in here". This is the place to go when you are troubled by what you see and experience.

There is much aggression on your planet. Aggression is a learned reaction to threat and if you observe how aggressive individuals are you will see how fearful they are. Do not be fearful for you have nothing to fear. Really look at the behavior of people when they are afraid and you will see how unhelpful it can be. Human emotions are contagious and it requires you to be aware of this so you do not become infected by any negative energy that surrounds you. A happy outlook is also contagious and the more you are able to maintain your equilibrium the more you will positively affect those you encounter in your daily life. Remember to pay attention to the simple state of beingness. Awareness of your self, not as a personality or a character, but of a living breathing being, will pull you back to consciousness in a moment.

As the mind takes over with its demands, its stories and all its concerns, you lose that state of sentience and in these moments you are in the grip of the thoughts and pictures that swirl around in your head. Mostly you do not question these thoughts and feelings because you have long ago decided that they constitute who you are. You believe that who you are is the sum total of what you think, what you feel and what you do, and you belive this at great peril to yourself.

We watch our human friends playing games of "if only" and looking back with regret at what they did and did not do in their lives. And we look at our younger friends and see fears for the so-called future and the stress placed upon them to live up to imaginary ideals. We also see those who have learned little consideration for others in their short lives and with the passage of time begin to wonder why they feel let down in life.

Life is for experience, for learning and for enjoying, Real happiness is a momentary thing, meaning that it can only be experienced in the present moment. Consider how you lose all sense of time when you are truly happy. It is because you have lost your regret of the past and fear of the future.  You are present and it feels good. When you are present and aware fear fades, anger diminishes and a state of innocence and wholeness establishes itself. In this state you feel easy within yourself, relaxed and attentive to the demands of that moment. The mind becomes relaxed and, feed from all its incessant demands, you are able to experience yourself as a clear, whole and setient being. This is where you sense your own infinity.

Do not be afraid at what you witness around you. You cannot abscond from society for all species are part of their own particular society and you need normal interaction with your own. But it is better to not take the collective attitudes too deeply into your being when all you need to do is observe how they affect other humans to know whether or not they are desirable. An old adage of 'treating others as you would wish to be treated' holds true, but this does not stop simply at action. It also involves thought and while you undoubtedly have hard thoughts about certain situations and people, don't allow those thoughts to take root. Recognise that they are sinply that, thoughts and not facts. Facts are often quite different to their accepted presentation and it takes time and effort to engage in that discovery. Have your thoughts and enjoy them, but don't believe in them too much. Your opinions are very much a reflection of your own beliefs and conditioning and you will always be at war with those whose beliefs and conditioning is very different from your own. Uninvestigated, your thoughts will hold you in a stranglehold from which it is hard to escape until you realize that who you are is not the sum total of your thinking.

Find within your heart that place of infinity for this is truly who you are, and go there often.

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