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CREON NOTES - April 2020

All living creatures are connected to Source regardless of how it may seem. Soul is the invigorating force in the human being and everything that lives and dies is an embodiment of soul in one form or another. In human form Soul is the essence of who you are, it is the witness and observer of your life and has its own agenda to fulfil during the lifespan. At the end of life the physical vehicle ceases to be but Soul does not. Soul is the core part of who you are in this lifetime. It is important to not confuse Soul with the emotional body. The emotional body is an extension of the Mind body where free will exists and feelings dominate. It is the emotional body that registers the reactions and experiences of life at a feeling level from which personal point of view is formed and life experience is shaped.

Many humans are enslaved to their emotions which produce the judgements and opinions that shape the way they experience their lives. Whatever emotions are experienced are reflected in the energy field that exists around all life forms and it is through this field that what you call destiny is shaped. It is an electro magnetic forcefield which describes the inner mental, emotional and physical state of a person and, although not visible to most individuals, it is a powerful energy vortex that accurately describes the personal state of being.

The Field does not lie. It cannot pretend and nor does it judge. It is like electricity which has no personal opinions of its own but has the power to light up a room or provide heat simply upon activation. Of itself it is neutral and will only be colored by whatever activates it. It is through the Field that sympathies and antipathies are first experienced before they come to conscious awareness. The Field describes a person’s health at all levels and most good healers develop an awareness of what an individuals’ Field contains or lacks.

You cannot escape the content of your Field as you cannot escape yourself, and while you can hide or distract from yourself the Field does neither. The potential for great power exists in the Field which will affect others. You all know the experience of feeling comfortable in the presence of someone you may not know well, or the total opposite. Something in your field resonates (or does not) with that person and this describes the laws of attraction. Attraction and repulsion occur first through the Field before they manifest as knowledge.

As has been said so many times you are always in the presence of the Presence. If there is a lack in your life it will show in your Field as a dark area or depressed point even though you do not see it. You do not see the Presence either but you know, in still, calm moments, that it is there. Ask for what you truly need, for what your heart truly calls for and relax in the knowledge that Source can provide in a way that the human mind never can. Change happens in the Field when a pain is surrendered, a problem released, an illness healed and when innocence is restored.

Events in your world seems frightening to many, the future uncertain and the present uncomfortable. This breeds frustration, fear and discord, feelings which register in the Field of those who experience these things and affects the collective field of humanity itself. These are very real feelings which should provoke nothing but compassion at both seen and unseen levels. Open your heart and ask for compassion to come to you and it will. Those with strong, positive and disciplined minds whose hearts are clear and open will have expansive forcefields, well colored and clear. It is as if they can move about more freely within themselves as their Field provides a source of protection. Those gripped with fear and pain will find their Field diminished in size and color as if it does not provide the protection needed.

Regardless of what is going on in your world, whether it be the personal or the collective, do not give in to fear. In the human mental construct fear leads to judgement which in turn compounds the fear, and the antidote to this is the willingness to trust, to have faith and allow the heart center to open. You do not need to know how problems can be resolved until either the become resolved without input from you, or you receive guidance so clear that you are energized to follow a course of action that has the same result.

Whatever you dwell on will be reflected in your Field. The more you allow yourself to dwell on the Love that you are, and the Power of the Presence, the clearer and more at ease you will become. A bright and expansive energy Field is a magnate for love which brings opportunity and diminishes the sense of isolation many are feeling at this time.

You may be alone, or separated from those you love, but the Presence is never apart from you.

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