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CREON NOTES – August 2019

The desire to fulfil ambition is a fundamental drive in human life. You cannot thrive and express energy without it. We do not talk of the nebulous ambitions just to be wealthy or famous, we talk of the short and long term ambitions that focus the mind and direct the actions of any individual. Many of these goals are decided even prior to incarnation and this is evidenced by the early determinations many children exhibit.

Ambition is an aspect of creativity and provides the foundations for your direction in life. It takes focus and discipline to fulfil ambitions but most of all it requires love in order to stay the course. This is an instinctive thing and one person’s love for a particular intention may be quite different from another’s. Intentions and ambitions are highly colored by the environment in which you live and the culture that surrounds you, much of which is very confusing. We see many of our friends wasting time trying to fulfil ambitions that appeal to the mind but do not connect with the heart.

There is great pressure on people particularly amongst those who are still young to aspire to unrealistic ideas. Some people are destined to achieve “great” things, achievements that are deemed great in your materialistic society but matter not a jot from our point of view. Just because someone may achieve wealth, fame and status in your world does not mean they are a more exalted soul. It is often those who do not achieve grand things who have the greater soul maturity and this is evidenced by the way they go about their lives. It is not what you do in life that counts, it is what you bring to it through your love and the spirit in which you do it that matters.

Your world is one of illusions and from very early on in life your mind is conditioned by the culture in which you live. It is a great achievement to see this at an early age and learn to approach your life with wisdom and intuition. At any stage in life you can develop the ability to refer within and make it a good habit. Take a quiet moment to be still and listen to the signals from your body and intuition whenever you are confronted with information or decisions about which you must form a judgement and make a choice.

Overwhelmed by what your culture and your media is telling you, take a step back from it and look at what your inner guidance reveals to you. Is this true? Is this in accordance with what feels truly right within me? Sometimes a choice looks good on the surface and makes sense to the thinking mind, but it does not lift the heart, and if this is the case it is better to stay away from that decision or judgement regardless of what others may tell you.

Human life is often about trial and error and you are destined to make mistakes. The key is to learn from those mistakes and be grateful for their teaching.

Concern for what others think, expect or demand from an individual can be crushing to the human heart. It is natural to want to be well thought of by others but this should not be an overriding concern. People think what they want to think and until they learn to question the validity of their own opinions there is little you can do to change them. Look patiently into your own heart before leaping to words and actions whose outcomes will be unnecessarily detrimental.

The more time you spend consciously connecting with your own deep Self, and the Presence that surrounds you, the happier you will be. In moments of great doubt and confusion, reflect back on the many miracles that have occurred in your life, those opportunities and solutions that have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, that have relieved you of a problem and lifted your heart. It is only through experience that you learn you are not alone, for the Presence is a benign and powerful influence in your life and is constantly with you. As you withdraw from outside influences and go within yourself you will automatically become aware of the Presence. Your sense of separation diminishes, the mind becomes easy and the heart lifts. To establish this habit is the best ambition to have for it is here that you connect with your deep Self.

Who you are is not your thoughts, opinions and ambitions, nor is it any part of your outer world. Who you are is that point of awareness that is the observer of these things and is ever constant as the emotional and material flux of your life goes through its motions. Life is always changing but who you truly are does not. As you let go of your attachment to habitual ways of thinking, so you become free to experience deeply the sense of who you really are. Thus you are able to relish the magnitude that is the great gift of Life itself.

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