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CREON NOTES – August 2020

While you think of yourself as a separate individual with private thoughts and feelings and automony of choice in your life, there is a greater truth than this. You are born to experience separateness and given free will in which to express it. Beyond this and beyond your physical, material life you are all part of the Oneness which connects all souls together and binds you to the Source. Love is the greatest power there is but while you understand Love in a personal sense few people feel able to dwell in that state of Love in the universal sense. The pressures and distractions of daily life demand that you will be mostly focused on your own life.

You are all born into a collective psychic soup where thought and feeling is conditioned by family, education and culture and while the growing child establishes its own identity in its young life many have a sense of being “cast out” from a place of harmony. Soul chooses a lifetime in order to grow and develop consciousness but there lies in the hearts of most humans a sense of separateness and loneliness against which they must battle, overwhelmed with the belief that they are personally responsible for achieving happiness. The culture teaches you that this is something only to be found through manipulating circumstances and setting goals. We do not argue with this, of course you are here to accomplish certain things in your life but it is not the accomplishment that matters, it is what you discover about your private world and the worlds beyond that makes the difference. It is what you establish in your inner understanding that you take with you when this lifetime comes to an end, and it is what you bring to life that makes its duration worthwhile. It is not what you do or what you acquire that makes the difference between happiness or non-happiness, it is the spirit in which you do it.

All humans have an inner radar which guides them. Often the challenges that lie ahead seem too daunting for them to follow and they will take a different path. Sometimes they land up where they are meant to via a more circuitous route and sometimes they do not. But nothing is ever wasted in the long run as the present moment is always there to be relished and experienced. You only have one moment to live in and it is this moment Now. The rest of it is a story in the mind, and those stories vary depending on the feelings in the emotional body.

We see with gladness that, through the restrictions you are currently experiencing,

many of our human friends are using their time to experience solitude and quiet time with awareness which is not usually available to them in the busyness of their daily lives. Humans are by nature social creatures and it can be difficult to withdraw, but it is always through moments of quietude that you establish the connection to Oneness. The current difficulties and restrictions are naturally very difficult for most and it is easy for unhappiness to breed. The temptation to seek distraction is very strong and sometimes this is a beneficial thing. But we urge you to not lose sight of your true self and the inate happiness that dwells within every soul.

Do not be afraid to explore the consciousness surrounding your physical world for it is your planet. Question what you read and hear and what is told to you and be willing to open your minds to new information, in the full knowledge that you may not like what you learn. The extent of consciousness is unlimited and the way your collective world works is mostly the result of what the collective consciousness dictates. There are so many avenues available through which you can discover greater levels of truth in both the material and non-material senses and we urge you to investigate it all. Ignorance will hold you in a comfortable place, but only for so long, and when new challenges arise that affect your life it is incumbent upon you to start investigating.

Many of the ills in your world are the result of lack of wise leadership and a cohesive desire to work for the good of all. Too many achieve power but are seduced into using that power unwisely. Now is the time to become the leader of your own life based on an elevated understanding of consciousness and a desire to participate lovingly in life. You contribute to the collective with what you hold deep within your own heart and your own mind so we suggest you express the love in your heart and educate your mind. You have only to look back through history to see how often a lonely single voice spoke out but was drowned out by ignorance, only to be heard years later when its wisdom could be received.

Everyone experiences some miracles in their life, no matter how seemingly small. Remember those miracles, how something just worked out without effort on your part, and how it lifted you in the moment. Hold on to those miracles for they demonstrate how consciousness works and shows you that you are not alone. When you reach out with a true heart and clear mind, in the full belief in the power of the Presence that supports you, there is no limit to what can be achieved. You have the power to affect and alter consciousness to the benefit of all. Don’t be afraid to set aside your ingrained beliefs and seek wisdom and knowledge with an open mind and discerning heart. Life is a gift – use it wisely.

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