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CREON NOTES – December 2019

As you prepare for another religious holiday it would be wise to remember what it is that should be celebrated. Where we are we enjoy seeing our human friends joining together in an atmosphere of celebration, forgiveness and mutual love and support for each other. These are the things that should be focused upon and that spirit shines bright in the human heart as many make a point of extending kind and charitable gestures which they simply feel too busy to do at other times of your year.

There is much chaos and upheaval in your world which is made worse by a lack of clear and honest leadership. We do not speak here of your politicians, although this may apply to some of them also, we talk of your own internal leadership. How are you leading yourself through your life? The so-called developed world exists under a constant bombardment of broadcast information and opinion and other easy to obtain information of an individual’s personal choice. This blanket of written and spoken input does little to help you listen within because the attention is continually focused outwards on what other people are saying and doing. There is too much thinking, too much reacting and too little stillness for most people to bear. This lack of mental quietude does nothing to help you and we encourage you to develop a good relationship with silence.

In silence and stillness you can hear your own thoughts and feel your own feelings and find your own direction. It is the nature of humankind to desire love, both in expression and in reception but when the mind becomes so absorbed in its own thoughts, opinions and judgements the connection to the heart becomes lost. It is the connection to the heart center that brings love and is the birthright of every person. Do not waste your life living in a mental world shaped and created by other people who you will never know. The mind only knows its own beliefs but cannot know Itself. Who you are is beyond the mind. Take time to be truly with yourself, for you cannot bring love into your life if you are not fully there with yourself.

Over the centuries and longer there have been many wise people whose teachings have travelled down through time. Their teachings are as true today as they were when they were first recorded. Never has there been a time when Truth was not available in your world. We suggest you look to their words for the inspiration you need to help you stabilize your own inner life. Life does not end with death, it continues forward, but to waste your earthly life in a false world of thought is truly a waste of life. You have so much inate creative ability as your disposal and by its own nature it wishes to express itself through you. This is your job. Creativiry needs a clear and relaxed mind in order to flow forwards and this can’t happen if your head is full of thought, desire, fear and conflict. All that is asked is that you mentally retreat from your habitual thought patterns, allow your body to relax, and just experience Yourself, as often as you can, in stillness and quietude. Worry and fear create negative energy patterns in the personal atmosphere which in turn affect the body and the affairs of the body. Anger and frustration are near permanent states of being for many people and this is a great sadness for they never feel the wealth of love and ease that exists within their own heart center.

Every time you watch or listen to any form of broadcast you invite others into your private space which you may not wish to if you knew them in person. People do not watch broadcasts of any sort while still remaining Present, even uplifting and spiritually-based ones because their attention is focused outwards. However, spiritually uplifting information may inspire you to look within.

Time spent in stillness and awareness is precious indeed, for this is where you touch in to your own deep wellspring of Creativity and Love. This is where you can be truly who you are and allow nurturance and wisdom to wash over your own soul. Go there often.

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