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CREON NOTES - December 2020

Understand that what you term a good life must involve a sense of balance. Ultimately everything comes in to balance because stasis is the natural way and follows the laws of your realm of existence. The randomness of human life naturally dictates that your circumstances, as you perceive them, are rarely in a state of balance and the human mind will continually fight to create some kind of balance where it feels threatened. Where the heart is having problems, the mind will inevitably seek to gain control and it is at this point that you become separated from yourself and experience a range of difficult emotions from vague discontent to downright unhappiness.

The secret to this paradox is understanding what it is that lies in your control and what doesn’t, and to take action where action is appropriate. In many circumstances no action is appropriate but the willingness to hold a state of heart centered awareness is the key to establishing a quiet sense of internal balance.

Much of your earthly circumstances are out of balance because collective consciousness has allowed this to happen. You are consciousness first and foremost and will continue to be consciousness long after the cessation of the physical body. Consciousness remains but in human form it is directed more towards the material than it is to the spiritual unless you use your awareness to allow it to hold both. The frequent practice of quiet contemplation will help you to do this and the more people who do this the easier it will become. Human drive is diverse and varied and often results in conflict. As we have said before this is because human thinking becomes governed by the linear mind which works in a state of duality and believes what it thinks.

Returning to the heart center is the cure for this but when faced with such polarity on a global scale that you currently see before you, it is not always easy to pull away from the thinking mind. The mind is an instrument of addiction and will repeatedly think the same thoughts, hold the same opinions and create the same communication day in day out until you yourself begin to question the validity of your thoughts. You do not need to know what opinion or belief is better or worse. Your opinions and beliefs are largely created and enforced through personal and collective experience and will deny those opinions and beliefs that are different or oppose them. Hence it is hardly possible when you work solely from your mind, to give credence to those whose standpoints are very different from your own.

You think you know the truth but you do not. The mind can only see its own viewpoint because that is how it is conditioned. It is when you move your energy to the heart center and allow your mind to become quiet that you are able to perceive a wider view and, if you contemplate this for long enough you will discover that you know very little, if anything, beyond the fact that you simple ARE. You are alive and aware and in this state of awareness your world feels whole. It is here that you find balance and harmony, for it becomes an internal experience which you discover you can rely on. The more you practice this the more solid and real the experience becomes and the more you perceive the world as being One. You cease to experience yourself as a separate entity having thoughts about what goes on around you and become increasingly comfortable with the understanding that everything, everywhere, is part of Oneness.

The human world is dangerously challenged because of mental separation. First individuals develop their viewpoints and then they determine to take action in support of what they believe. We do not for a moment say this is a bad thing for much good comes of this personal conviction and hard work. But unless those convictions are infused with the state of Oneness and the need to serve the whole, they become single pointed and exclusive and end up serving only the few. Thus only those determined enough reach to take positions of leadership while the rest sit back and let it happen, willing to put up with whatever is going on provided their personal comfort is not too threatened.

Understand that consciousness is extremely powerful and awareness is the switch that ignites it. You have the power to hold life affirming visions and to say no to that which does not support you as an individual or the Whole. Entrenched and narrow views lead to suppression of the life force and rigidity of structure. You have enough examples through history to see how this works out and, as you will remember, these rigid systems do not last long. Hold to the Oneness of all life and be flexible in your beliefs. There is nothing wrong in having opinions. The trouble starts when you believe only yours are right.

Consciousness is both personal and collective. You have your private thoughts and feelings but, like a river runs into the ocean, what you hold in consciousness affects the whole. If you will allow your awareness to lift beyond the duality of human thought then you will affect the input of collective human consciousness. Societies of the past, many ancient, understood this and aligned their personal consciousness with the good of the tribe whilst at the same time honoring personal freedoms and needs. The Golden Age which is promised to humanity will arrive more quickly when more individuals embrace the power of their own consciousness in service to the whole, including themselves. Right thought leads to right action and action that ignores the true needs of the many do not serve you well. Everything in human life is an expression of consciousness and that includes your societal and political systems and are there by your agreement. If you want to change your systems of leadership you must first change the way you perceive things, for those who currently lead are expressions of your own selves. Allow consciousness to take you beyond all the rights and wrongs and the duality of current systems, and be willing to embrace the Oneness, from which all things appear. The more you see disharmony, conflict and fear, the more it will become manifest. Heal it within yourself. This does not mean you shouldn’t have opinions, or course you do, but you cease to be so attached to them and no longer believe that you have the last word on what is right. All you have is a position. To have more internal and external balance the willingness to surrender those positions is imperative. There is great freedom to be found in an unattached mind and great power.

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