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CREON NOTES – February 2021

Most human conflict is caused by a misunderstanding and misuse of power. In an obvious way this is played out on the world stage when one country or faction embarks upon aggressive action against another, all the while the aggressor using the heavy hand of propaganda to persuade the public that their actions are justifiable. Rarely are the real intentions ever disclosed and it is accepted as the status quo based on whatever explanations have been given. Martial conflict is never justifiable and is one of the highest forms of abuse of power known to mankind.

Thus it is the same with individual abuse of power and those who are the focus of anothers’ abuse of power are put in the position of having to defend themselves, often through no apparent fault of their own.

Direct aggression from one person to another which precludes the willingness to negotiate contentious issues stems from an overblown sense of personal power and self importance. You must have a committed sense of the rightness of your cause accompanied by a lack of awareness of the broader ramifications of your actions. Awareness is the key, and those who are on the receiving end of personal aggression would be wise to understand this and move to a position beyond fear and affront to quietly consider what is really going on. If you take the position of witness and resist the temptation to become a victim, it is easier to see what lies at the root and what is lacking in the understanding of the aggressor.

The old adage is true and we have said this many times before. Things heal in the light of awareness. Awareness is different from opinion, which is usually formed through personal conditioning and experience and invariably includes right/wrong points of view. The point of awareness is an expanded position where all points of view are seen but none are ascribed to. In awareness, emotions become settled and courses of action are dictated more by a desire to heal, or return to wholeness, rather than the desire to be right or to win. When emotional reaction pervades an energetic tug of war is set up which continues until one or other parties becomes tired, or even simply bored with the situation. Human creativity is constantly renewing itself. It is not static and therefore cannot remain long in constrained situations. It is usually better to bring a power struggle to an end and cut the energetic cord that binds both victim and aggressor together.

Where you have awareness you have power. This is not a power to control or hurt others or to manipulate situations to your personal benefit. It is the power to bring healing and often to help others expand their own awareness. In awareness, the emotions become quiet and so does the ego (mind). With awareness the sense of eternal Selfhood and Oneness increases while the need to defend the egocentric small self diminishes. Fear subsides and trust builds leading to right action, or no action if this is appropriate to the situation.

Awareness is the real power and those who wish to wield power over others must usually come to this place of understanding. The desire to control inappropriately is often based on a sense of inner chaos or inner lack, or a need to hide some other part of the personality. To face these disparate parts of the self requires compassion and awareness, which is also love because true awareness has no emotional attachment to or investment in individual positions. It includes everything because it can see everything. This is not to say that a person should not vigorously defend themselves against wrong action or accusation at a material level, but done so from a broad understanding of the situation a speedier resolution is promoted with less harm done.

You have the free will to use during your lifetime in any way you choose. The subject of personal will or Divine will is not easily understood from a mental perspective, but if you accept the idea of Presence and higher cause you have the ability to seek guidance and listen. It is always there for you and you have only to ask. No problem exists that does not have a solution although patience is often required before the solution is presented.

Warfare invariably begets warfare but peace does not always beget peace, in a world addicted to divided thinking and opinion. But patient awareness, aligned with a will to harmony, will open the way to resolution. Sometimes situations must be brought to a close to restore harmony to one or both parties and in cases where there is a clear abuse of power it is usually better for those affected to leave the situation. You have the right to safeguard your own health and wellbeing and, although there is no need to dwell on what has happened, much is learned and understood along the way. It is a quirk of the human mind that negative situations are often required to teach positive understanding. You are all where you are because the desire for understanding through human experience has brought you to where you are. There are no mistakes and this is something to applaud. Ultimately there are no losses, only gains, in growth and spiritual maturity to be cherished and shared.

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