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CREON NOTES – January 2020

The words success and failure are two commonly used ones in your vocabulary but few people truly understand the real meanings of these words. They are used invariably to describe events of a pleasing or displeasing nature as they relate to matters of the material world. Where we are we view things very differently and the adage that “man’s disappointment is God’s appointment” holds true. Soul comes into human incarnation for experience. Every soul has his or her unique intentions, decided entirely by themselves. There is no compulsion, but there is a thirst for experience, of all manner of nature, that soul seeks to express.

Regarded from a human perspective very few lives are without trouble and pain of one sort or another. From the soul’s point of view It knows it is learning and developing even if this is not understood by the ego mind at the time. The human viewpoint is to succeed or fail according to the rules of society with neither knowledge nor care for what the soul is trying to achieve. For those who care to look, they discover that the mistakes of the past caused them to alter their viewpoint in the future and the learning and discovery provided by those so-called mistakes becomes invaluable. To do this requires much patience and the willingness to delicately examine every aspect of the experience, without apportioning blame or judgement, and allow simple awareness to review what has been discovered. Thus the soul experiences expansion of consciousness which is what it yearns for. Soul is curious by nature and seeks adventure, hence you see children and young people wanting to engage in all sorts of endeavours with no regard for wisdom or sense. Natural curiousity is the overriding force which drives individuals forward in their life’s journey. With experience comes wisdom and this applies even to small and mundane matters as well as significant events in any person’s life.

We love to observe the curiosity of our human brethren. Each soul is an aspect of the Source Itself and its birthright is to explore human life. There are no conditions set, but the intentions laid down prior to incarnation will direct the newly incarnated soul on its path. Many of these paths are not easy and regarded from a human standpoint, some are painfully tragic or pointless or wasted. However, nothing in experience is truly wasted for the soul learns from everything. The greatest heartache or disappointment affords opportunity for the greatest discovery and though the human ego may not see it this way the soul does, for its goal is ultimately the expansion of consciousness in whichever ways it chooses.

Souls are equal. Each soul is a manifestation of Source in material life. There is no one better than another, just different levels of awareness. The love afforded to each soul is exactly the same and the idea of competition between who is better simply does not exist. Cultural one-upmanship may provide a useful starting block to energise humans into action but it is ultimately of no interest to anyone outside your culture. It is certainly of no interest to Source, whose only desire and motivation is Love.

Life is a gift and should be treasured, but it is also an opportunity to experience risk and adventure in myriad ways as well as the satisfaction of curiosity. Without the heart there can be no life, so listen to your heart and let it direct you. How many humans have spent their lives for the purpose of material acquisition doing things that give them no joy, only to discover joylessness at the end of it when they think they have “succeeded”? And how many more who listen to their hearts find exquisite joy in ways others cannot conceive. Who is the spiritually wealthier?

Yes, you must engage in life to secure a living and work within the dictates of your society but to be driven by a perceived idea of success is to miss the point. If stepping away from a set of false beliefs so that you can experience yourself more fully, regardless of the attendant conditions, leads to a greater sense of wholeness and love, it really doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it. The greater the love you feel the more comfortable you become with yourself and the less you need to participate in artificial cultural demands which are based on spurious ideas of success and failure and an often dishonest requirement to compete. The more people who understand this and move beyond the tyranny of these demands, then the greater the sense of freedom will be for all people, the willingness to love each other and the desire to treat their neighbor as themselves. For in truth your neighbor is you.

The only thing that truly matters in human life is Love. Compassion is a high expression of love and is something you should have for all Life, including yourself. Compassion softens the heart and soothes the mind and, if at times you deem yourself to have failed at something, it is ultimately compassion for yourself that will carry you through and the willingness to see that you have not failed but have simply opened a new door.

As always we assure you of our love and protection at all times. It is yours for the asking.

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