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CREON NOTES - January 2021

Now more than ever we see the need among our human friends to practice living in the Present and experience the Presence as a reality in your lives. Whilst so much turmoil threatens to engulf your world the need to stay still and be aware is tantamount.

The term “beware” simply means “be aware”. Be aware of what is happening around you and how you react to it. Be aware of what is going through your minds and what your own inner guidance is telling you. Be aware of feelings of fear or frustration and take the position of witness to all that is going on in your inner and outer world. We do not say “don’t act, be inert”. Clearly this is not appropriate as your very lives are determined by what you think and feel and the actions that result from this. Thought is power and should never be underestimated. Indeed your lives are shaped by what you think and the only power you have is the ability to see what it is that you think, and to stand aside and notice what your thoughts are. You have the power to neutralize thoughts of fear and negativity simply through observing them. The willingness to observe your thinking processes gives you the detachment to not actually engage in them. You simply see what it is you think and feel from a higher position and from this point you can decide whether to engage and act or not.

From this position, should you decide to act, you do so from the viewpoint of clarity and sanity and not from emotional reaction. You see clearly and this clarity incites calm. A sense of calm promotes faith, not a nebulous and foggy belief in some unknown and vague unseen power, but a deep knowing that right action or non-action is the path to a healing that is needed, for whatever reasons. This works both personally and collectively. Humans by their very nature are creative and you are creating all the time by your personal thought and emotion.

If you want to learn about the world you live in, be observant. You will discover that those who talk and proclaim to know the facts and details of certain subjects still only talk from a personal point of view. Don’t be afraid to look at all points of view and observe what actually happens to see if it is desirable or not. Most of what happens at a physical level is determined by the thoughts and actions of individuals or groups, and the world as you know it is the result of historical thought even though you may never know what the true facts were.

The human mind is conditioned to think in certain ways and very few have truly open minds. The rush to judgment is normal for most people along with the belief that only your own opinion is the right one. Look more deeply into yourself and see how your beliefs are shaped by your inner world and the limited experience you have had during this lifetime.

As we have so often said, what happens to you and around you is largely affected by the collective consciousness. Your own personal consciousness has an impact on this and as you suspend belief you are able to step aside from limited and entrenched positions. This creates greater space in your thinking which in turn allows new knowledge to come to you. If you see divisiveness among sections of human society, this is because you yourself are divided. Heal those divisions within you.

The human ego relies on its mental constructs to thrive and when it runs amok the heart closes down. When the heart is having trouble the mind will always step in and try to take over. This is your conditioning but it was not always thus. The result is usually much unnecessary suffering. If you have trouble in your heart bring your energy to the heart center and dwell there. Let love make itself felt to you and with it will come the release of disturbed thinking which in turn allows a greater peace to prevail. From here your actions and communications are influenced by a greater sense of balance and consideration for the whole and not just the personal ego.

You have far greater access to spiritual power and understanding than you realise. You are a great deal more than a solitary individual trying to survive in a seemingly difficult world. Take comfort from this and allow the love that you truly are to permeate your private world. Love is infectious and having a clear, quiet mind it automatically comes to touch both your inner world and the outer world. You are never apart from the Presence.

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