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CREON NOTES - January 3, 2019

As you start your new year many of you will have ideas and plans, hopes and dreams, that you wish to fulfil during this coming twelve month cycle. We urge you to not be too ambitious in your plans, for setting a high bar leads to disappointment. Be reasonable and work within the realms of possibility that you feel comfortable with.

We see too many of our human friends struggling not just with the practicalities of life, but more importantly with their own emotions. Desiring emotional balance is something we consider of vital importance, for there is too much imbalance upon your planet which leads to accentuated negativity, isolation, anger and fear. These are not things that can be avoided entirely because of where you all are in the collective evolution of your planet. To achieve emotional balance is an individual endeavor and not something most people find easy to establish.

We say it is much easier than you think, and doesn't need hours of expensive therapy for most people. First it is important to see that you live in a dualistic world, night and day, light and dark, happy and sad and so forth, and it is not possible to exist in a permanent state of emotional happiness. The word happiness simply pertains to "what happens" and real happiness can only be achieved by recognising that you are more than a body/mind with emotions. The true desire of the soul is to dwell in a place of calm and peace despite what is going on around the individual human. Understand that who you truly are is beyond the body/mind, and the eternal part of your being is the indwelling soul that was aware before you were born and will continue to be aware of cessation of the body.

Your job in this lifetime is to come to an understanding of who you truly are and to express that truth with love. This doesn't mean you don't have challenges and difficulties - all humans are subject to these, but the less attached to the emotions that spring from difficulties, the easier it is to restore emotional equilibrium. You need only to have lived awhile to know that problems are often handled, and things put right in your world, in seemingly miraculous ways. It takes patience, faith, and active consciousness to allow solutions to come and many times they come forth without these things.

The survival instinct in most people is extremely strong, much more so than you know, and being presented with unfathomable difficulties is often the way that consciousness arises, lifts and reaches out. Don't wait for these conflicts, allow consciousness to lift above the mental plane and awareness to expand. It is always easier for us to touch you when your mind is open and you are aware of your true and timeless Self.

Many things exist in human life that present barriers to the development of faith and awareness. The current fixation with technology is one of them and while we don't see any advantage in going back to pre-technology methods, we ask you to use these aids wisely. There can be no substitute for human companionship for you were all born into human life to share with each other, to give and receive and serve each other. Digital communication vastly decreases the energy that passes between people and leads to a false detachment and isolation, let alone the errors in understanding that occur and which are easily eradicated with verbal communication. Every time you engage personally with another individual there is an exchange of energy which should be uplifting and these effects are vastly reduced by technology.

Much depression exists amongst humans which was not apparent prior to this age. You are designed to work as part of an energetically vital society and the mental imbalances that we observe are caused by isolation and also laziness. It takes effort to talk to another person when you don't want to but it is the willingness to do this that raises awareness and demands that you conduct yourself with consciousness. You will have noticed that on those occasions when you have chosen personal interaction instead of hiding behind technology, that a problem has been quickly resolved and you feel better. Whilst you are granted free will you are not encouraged to think of yourself as an island for it is this attitude that isolates you and diminishes your spiritual power.

Humans are designed for family life and that includes the wider family existing beyond blood ties of recent generations. The coming together of family is what helps to make the individual strong, whatever your own family or tribe represents to you. They may not be your blood ties but consist of relationships that have developed over time which have an underlying spiritual bond. Understanding and abiding by the agreements that exist within a family circle provides structure and a certain security which every human needs in order to thrive and flourish. For human society to work well there must be common agreements that are respected by all. Strong tribes face up to their differences and problems realistically and in an inclusive manner, for while a problem might be attached to just one or two individuals there is always a ripple effect which has an impact on others.

We urge you, this coming year, to examine all your relationships and if you feel there are issues to resolve, wounds to heal and bonds that can be strengthened, proceed with an optimistic attitude that all things can be put right. Act upon intuitions that may come which promote this. Where there is no likelihood of a coming together, hold the desire in your heart to make a genuine internal peace with yourself, wish the other party well, and bring an end to the mental arguments and anguish.

Much is talked about mental health and real mental health depends not only upon yourself personally, but of equal importance, it depends upon your society, your family and all whom you consider to be part of it. There are more people on your planet than ever before and yet there is more loneliness and separation. It is within the power of every person to bring and end to this, to come together and allow the highest spiritual will to bless the lives of all.

You are never alone with your concerns and puzzles. The Presence is always there. Hold your awareness of It, lean into It and let It guide and protect you.

We wish you joy for this new Solar cycle.

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