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CREON NOTES - July 2020

Whether you realise it or not you are all children of the Source and all have within you the Light of the Source. It is an unbreakable bond, but one which you may choose too strengthen or allow to weaken, depending on the nature of commitment you make to your own life. It is very easy in the human realm to feel separated and apart and therefore lonely in one way or another, but the truth remains the same. You are never alone and never apart although you have the free will to either look towards Source or look in the other direction.

All that lives in all the galaxies is created by Source and loved equally and totally by Source. Surrender to Source is not a passive decision. True Surrender requires the focus of awareness on that which you cannot see but can open your heart mind to. It is through awareness with an open heart and quiet mind, that allows intuition and guidance to come through, leading to the best course of action. Sometimes this is to not act when the thinking mind wants to take over, but to remain still and allow events to unfold. At other times there is a strong call to action when the mind would prefer not to, and courage is developed through listening to the inner prompting whilst putting aside personal will, and perhaps inertia and behaving accordingly.

Many of you feel that your world has been turned upside down by events of recent times. We see our earthly friends confused, panicked and often reacting in ways that do not help them. There are many changes happening at this time which will have far reaching effects in the months and years to come and, in order to adapt to the new global consciousness it is important that you elect to stay conscious. We see much tiredness among you and, whenever this happens, the auric field becomes cloudy and weak. This is the time to limit unnecessary activity and allow the physical body to rest. Be gentle with yourselves. Remember that the only thing you ever have to do is whatever is in front of you. Do that and that alone and allow your minds to rest. This will help the confusion to dissipate, for regardless of what crises are happening around you, the mind will always tell its own story about it. A quiet mind allows rightful thinking to prevail.

There is an invisible cloud that exists within the energy field of your planet which acts as a receptacle and distributor of collective thought. It is through using your awareness that you are able to penetrate this cloud and tap into the state of Oneness that exists beyond. In truth the state of Oneness is everywhere but as we have said before the conditioned mind can only grasp duality. By acknowledging the protection of the Presence which is always with you, and dwelling in that safe space, you are able to pull away from the seduction of the collective consciousness and align with Source, which is your true home.

It is with joy that we see so many of our human friends drawn towards developing a greater understanding of the invisible worlds, for they are real and contain untold powers to assist the lives of those who seek. As you seek so you shall find, and in doing so your own energy field moves and expands and shares itself with others. The Source is always with you and you do not have to go anywhere to find it. It is a simple movement from hectic mind dominated experience to quiet awareness. You do not have to have all the answers and one person cannot heal the world. But as you bring the love of awareness to bear within your being, so you enrich yourselves and carry it with you to touch the lives of those around you.

Now is a time to consider carefully what your actions should be and how you expend your emotional and physical energy. Be careful with your thoughts and words and approach your life with the courage to love. This time in Earth’s evolution will be more easily accomplished with more love and less fear at the root of it. Whilst you sympathise with the actions of those who are dominated by thinking mind and personal will, and while you have compassion for their viewpoint, avoid being pulled in to things you do not believe in. Take a witness position and hold awareness. Be strong in front of the flood of negativity you sometimes see before you.

Do not forget that you are a child of the Source. Worry about the future is pointless. You can only do so much but so much more is available to you and delivered by hidden hands. Ask with an honest heart for what you need, and be available to others who may need your help. It is only a collective shift in consciousness that can change the world and usher in a new age of Oneness. This will happen, but our purpose is not to deliver predictions. Our purpose is to support your courageous commitment to living life fully in knowledge of, and love for, Source Itself. It is also our pleasure and joy.

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