• Sheila James

CREON NOTES - March 2019

Much happens in your world about which you know nothing. You base your opinions upon that which you know and understand and are inclined to alter those opinions only when new information comes forward. Even in small ways you will react to dilemmas and situations around you according to the limited information that you have, unaware that a completely different set of circumstances might unfold if you knew more. A lot of the problems you encounter seem more difficult than they are based on the limited understanding you have of the situation, as well as your own fears and prejudices, which were mostly formed by this same lack of knowledge.

As you approach new endeavours or situations arise in your life that require some kind of action it is wise to test out the information you have before proceeding. So much human difficulty can be avoided if you are willing to apply patience and open your mind, listening closely to your own intuition. To suspend judgement and belief until you are ready to make an informed judgement is the way of the wise person as it is astonishing to us how quickly humans leap to actions and edicts without the quest for further information. To have an open mind is difficult for many because their minds are so conditioned to operate in a particular way and few take the trouble to ask themselves: is this the truth? Is there a better way for me?

Much of your language is peppered with wisdom to guide you such as “sleep on it”, “wait and see” and so forth and we suggest you consider these old adages and adopt them. Intuition does not operate to a timescale for most people and isn’t always available in an instant. It is also shaped by experience and often you simply don’t know enough about a situation to know the best way to think or act. It is illuminating to understand that you don’t know enough about a particular area of your life and have the courage to admit this. This is the time to seek out further information and ask inwardly for guidance. How often have you done this and the answer has come from a completely unexpected source as if by magic – most people can resonate with this but have a way of forgetting it when the next situation arises. We suggest you make a point of remembering these times and learn to develop and trust your own intuition through each such experience.

Your lives are bombarded with outside sources of information which clutter the mind and take you away from yourselves if you allow it to. Periods of peace and contemplation are vital to human wellbeing. When the mind relaxes thoughts quieten and awareness grows. The Presence is always present and not a moment passes when it is not there for you. Intuitions can arise at any time and if you find that what arises intuitively contradicts what your mind says, or what someone else says, suspend judgement and in a quiet moment test it out in the Presence.

You cannot learn everything in one lifetime so seek the input of others. You may not particularly like what you hear but if you are operating with intuition it might just feel right in spite of what your thinking mind tells you. Don’t be afraid to examine this conflict and test out the facts. It is normal for humans to reject ideas that don’t accord with their own mental conditioning but much growth and freedom comes as a result of being willing to see that this point of view exists in another persons (or group, tribe, nation etc) sense of reality.

It is the nature of human life to be presented with problems and the opportunities to solve those problems. Many difficulties are resolved behind the scenes with the aid of unseen help and if you will make a point of noticing these occurrences you will build a foundation of understanding, faith and confidence in the natural order of things and maintain that confidence in the face of challenges. You choose human incarnation mostly with the intention to achieve growth, experience and the development of consciousness and few people, if any, have an “easy” life. Never be afraid to ask for help, both from the seen and unseen worlds. Whilst you have individuality and are responsible for your individual lives, you were not designed to live in an isolated bubble believing you must be the sole source of the intelligence needed to support your life.

Spiritual information comes on a need to know basis and not before and it requires patience and trust to be receptive to this. Too many of our friends make mistakes by being in a hurry to reach solutions and directions which lead them into difficulties they should not find themselves in. There is a perfect solution to every difficulty imaginable and all that is necessary is to keep an open mind and a faithful heart, calling forth divine guidance in the full knowledge that it will be given, and having the patience to wait.

When your beliefs feel hard and burdensome they are most probably incorrect and leading you down the wrong track. Be willing to tell yourself quite simply that you don’t know the answer, and ask from your heart that the right information be supplied to you. In practicing this, you will be amazed at the miracles which come to you daily. Allow your mind to be peaceful as your thoughts will become more joyful, less rigid and your life will begin to feel happier.

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