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CREON NOTES - March 2020


You live in challenging times which many in your world are finding hard to comprehend. Take heart as you watch the current drama unfold and learn to live your lives differently. The lack of freedom that most people take for granted is a new experience but we ask you not to succumb to fear as you adjust to an altered way of life.

The desire to participate in human life by necessity entails the willingness to experience many things. Not only the so-called good things in life, but also those that are difficult, not just for the individual but also for the collective. You are all part of the collective consciousness and must take responsibility for your input to it. Most people are stronger and more resilient than they know but this is something that is only discovered when the way of life is challenged, as it currently is. The survival instinct in mankind is more powerful than you realise but it is only truly discovered and tested during times of adversity. All people experience adversity to one degree or another at a personal level but the collective adversity currently being experienced requires a collective response.

Life does not end with death. Consciousness continues and you will never cease to be who you are. The day of judgment promised by your religious instruction is the day you judge yourself. Do not judge yourself too harshly and learn, also as instructed in your religious teachings, not to judge others. Harsh judgment hardens the mind and closes down the energy of the heart. This doesn’t mean you don’t observe undesirable situations realistically. It means you don’t give energy to your beliefs about it and jump into a downward spiral of mental negativity.

It is natural to the individual to want to live in a sustained comfort zone. However it is natural to the soul to want to grow and expand in love and awareness which usually means getting out of the comfort zone. After a time of challenge has passed you will look back and realise that you have changed in some way and that some new dimension of understanding has been added to the sense you have of yourself. As the pain and heartache diminishes you begin to see that you are not quite the same person and most people will use this new awareness, at least in some part, because it is now part of who you are. Who you are is awareness having human form although most consider themselves to be the opposite, ie a human being who thinks.

Life is not easy in your world although there are periods of relative ease. You live in a world of duality where there is good and bad, black and white and so forth but it is ultimately a world of love. The trajectory of each person for themselves has been extremely prevalent in recent years and for life to become more evenly balanced it has to change.

The opportunity of this time is to see this pattern clearly for what it is and see also that if you are to achieve the peace that so many in your world yearn for, it must change. Your culture has taught you all to be responsible for your own destinies to the point that everything around you promotes the attitude of self-service. Human society is not best served in this way as this leads to isolation, competitiveness and fear. While you are granted the gift of free will upon incarnation to this planet, you are still deeply connected to each other and as those connections become weak so the individual becomes more fragile. Societies of ancient times understood this well, although even they became redundant in the face of new forms of consciousness.

We see with joy that many of our human friends are willing to embrace a greater awareness which is available to everyone. Any trauma that affects the collective will ultimately bring with it the opportunity for growth in the heart and soul. We have said before that at this time challenges of one sort or another will affect you but we do not wish to see our human friends suffer unnecessarily. Times of challenge offer the invitation to become Present and to embrace The Presence. This is the place you will experience stillness, silence and peace. It is where you will experience your natural wholeness and perfection, if you will allow your mind to become quiet. The more time you spend being fully Present, the easier it is to access the wisdom you require and the easier it becomes to help others to do so. Most humans do not do well with prolonged isolation so do not be afraid to cast your thoughts and actions with compassion to those around you.

Don’t be afraid of current circumstances. Be willing to have patience with all the discomforts and uncertainties you may face. Know that who you truly are will always be safe.

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