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CREON NOTES – November 2020

Much interest has been taken in the actions in your world which is under close observation. You have free will and it is rare that interference from beyond your material planet will be directed. It has happened before and there is no reason for it not to happen again. Free will is the spiritual law for those choosing life in your realm and therefore this is freely given and honored, but we do not wish to see destruction or wrongdoing taking to a level where it can’t be reversed.

What is outpictured in your world is a result of how the human mind collectively operates and the actions that this leads to. You cannot get away from this simple fact even if you believe it is “others” who are doing it to you. We do not say there are no genuine victims but such a thing as karma does exist. It is not helpful if you have been hurt in some way to believe you earned or deserved it because of something you did in a previous life, but there must be an understanding that the laws of cause and effect work as much on a collective scale as they do at the personal level. Cycles can be long and human patience is short, and the willingness to take a long view without being overly caught up in the mental disturbance of the moment, is an attitude we encourage you to develop. The power of collective will and consciousness is enormous. At the deepest level of your beingness there is only Oneness and it is not possible to truly love your neighbour as yourself until you see that the essence of your neighbour’s being is the same essence as yourself and is given from the same Source.

Now more than ever the need to look to Source is tantamount. But you don’t have to run around telling everyone else to do it, it is for you to contemplate this yourself. All people affect other people. You know how it is to suddenly make eye contact with a stranger in a public place and feel as if you know each other and this is true, for in that deep place in your soul you do. It is not that higher knowledge and understanding is not available to you, it is that the mind itself filters it out which increases your sense of separateness and isolation. The more you are willing to surrender your entrenched beliefs, attitudes and fears, the greater ease you will experience in your own mind.

The greater the mental ease an individual has, the easier it becomes to trust the flow of life and to rely upon your own unbreakable connection to Source. The freer you feel to give of yourself and experience a sense of wellness and love in your own heart. Love always seeks to express and there are myriad ways through which it can do this. Don’t hold back your love, let it flow naturally and appropriately. If you are thinking about doing it you are probably not doing it. The true flow of love comes from the energy forcefield around you and not from your linear mind, although it may manifest through words and planned actions. The mind was designed to be the helpmeet of the heart and not the other way round.

Now is the time to recognize this, regardless of your beliefs and opinions. With the recent changes in your political scene there are many who are happy and many who are disappointed. Whichever way you feel personally, seek the middle ground between these two extremes and hold a position of simple awareness as you watch events unfold. A one world order is a lofty idea to aspire to but if it is imposed by the few upon the many according to their own desires it is likely to not succeed.

A world of oneness, on the other hand, is more likely to promote to prominence people who have this awareness and live by it.

It takes each person to recognize that human life is a precious gift to be shared for the benefit of all and not a private territory to be fought over. The onus is upon you to use wisdom in how you live it. In the moment you may not feel you have the wisdom necessary to navigate a particular situation, so seek the counsel of those you feel might have the ability to bridge that particular gap. In human form you are not expected to know everything about everything as sharing knowledge and understanding is vital to human growth and expression and brings people together. The more that individuals come together with an attitude of wholeness, the greater the sense of Oneness develops and spreads out.

Understand the nature of your own innocence and in doing so you will see it in all those who cross your path. If you truly acknowledge the equality you share with others it is easier to resolve differences to the satisfaction of all. It is only through the growth and expression of consciousness that change for the better can be brought about and it starts with each individual. Now is the time to embrace your own spirituality and wholeness and the love that you truly are.

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