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CREON NOTES – October 2019

It is worth taking a moment to consider the question: “what is the meaning of life? And what is the meaning of my life?” These are very loaded questions which may have many answers, some of which seem contradictory. Rarely do humans deeply consider these questions and even if they do they usually do not arrive at conclusions that feel satisfactory.

The human mind thinks in a linear and academic way and is not suited to addressing issues of a deeply spiritual or philosophical nature. Simplicity is the key and taking the energy of these questions out of the mind to be contemplated in the heart center, will give a different answer but greater relief. It is important always to remember that all humans participate in the action and understanding of the collective mind and seldom does anyone come up with a totally original thought. You are all far more connected to each other than you realise, but your science and your understanding has barely scratched the surface of how all life really functions in your world, let alone what the potentials area.

All you can truly know, and know for certain, is that you are. When you are in mental conflict, which many are for a lot of the time, we suggest you pause for a moment and say, preferably aloud, “I Am”. This is the only absolute certainty you have about your life and the rest of it is mostly memory, opinion, experience-based conclusion and belief driven by desire or fear at some personal level.

Life is a gift. It is also eternal, whether in human form or not. However hard you try it is impossible to imagine that “I Am Not”. You can only know that you are aware. Even in sleep you are dreaming and are experiencing something in the dream. To think of yourself as Not Being is impossible. In sleep you dream and on waking you are aware that you observed the dream. So it is in waking life. You believe everything about your waking life and it is only in the aware state, where you come back to “I Am” that you see you are the observer of the moment you are living in.

We could say that the purpose of life is to build consciousness, to expand awareness. The more aware people become, the more connected to the world around them they feel. The less they experience mental barriers between themselves and others and the more understanding they have. The sense of I Am becomes fuller and the personal mind becomes less dominant. A great richness and love is experienced in registering deeply the state of I Am, and it is this state to which we encourage you to go.

As you experience the simple state of I Am, so the heart opens and awareness expands. The expansion of awareness naturally leads to a greater sense of peace and a quiet feeling of warmth and love. Experiencing this bliss is the purpose of your life. As you feel this, even for a brief moment, you realise that this is the potential of every other living being and in this moment you automatically feel trust, or faith, that this sense of I Amness is what underpins your life. It is the safe bedrock upon which your spirit rests and can be visited at any time.

This is the purpose of your life, the expansion of consciousness and the Faith in which to relish it.

All humans have an individual destiny and many feel confused as to what that might be. Given the nature of human culture and society it isn’t difficult to see why. As you develop the ability to withdraw from personal mental preoccupation, so it follows that you can take quiet periods of time away from societal demands. If you are confused about your personal purpose, take time to dwell in the I Am state and look at what it is you love to do. In the I Am state there is no pressure to accomplish anything or to Be anything, because in this state you know that you are whole and complete.

Who you truly are will never be affected by what you do because you will always be the Source note of I Am. It is pointless to do various things in the belief that you will get a better sense of I Am, or earn some sort of award points in the mythical heaven of your imagination that you believe you will go to at the end of this incarnation. No, the I Am state is the state of pure being, pure and untrammeled awareness. It is not the state of checks and balances where you weigh up your good deeds and excuse the bad ones, or the opposite, because it is not a mental state at all. The state of I Am bypasses the mind and personal sense of self, or ego, but is that part of you that registers it all. Look back over your life and wonder how come you are still here and still you, despite all that has taken place, and you realise that it is this state of I Am that is the continuum. The mental state which most people identify themselves as has changed and changed again. In its turmoil and domination it has wreaked havoc at times and, more often than not, failed to give you solutions at others.

The more you dwell in this place the easier it will feel to be in integrity with yourself, the world around you and your destiny. Happiness is not about accomplishing fame and fortune, it is about integrity which literally means to feel “integrated”. You don’t need to worry about your destiny for the I Amness that you are is the guiding star that helps to navigate your way. There are good times and not so good times in the life of any individual if you look from the dualistic mind point of view. From this state of Oneness the lines become blurred as judgement, fear and desire dimishes. Things matter less and the purity of the moment matters more.

As a unit of pure awareness understand that you are innocent. In the state of I Am nothing really matters but the clarity attained here guides you to what is truly of importance, in your personal life and in the world around you.

Your world is waking up. For millenia humans have believed without question in the power of their own thinking and the dominance of the personal will. Throughout history this has been the cause of all conflict and great suffering has been caused to millions who, by their own choice, would not have had it this way. Now it is time for all peoples to align themselves with their true Self so that they may learn to live from a wellspring of greater joy.

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