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CREON NOTES – October 2020

For many of our human friends life currently feels uncertain, restricted and challenging. We see how some of you have reacted to current situations that exist in your world, either with faith or with fear. Just because a situation looks a certain way does not mean it will remain so and we urge you to look to your ability to hold optimism regardless of the collective struggles or the personal challenges you face. An attitude of optimism lifts the energy field and sends out a strong and positive vibration which in turn draws positivity to itself. Optimism can’t be feigned, you either feel it or you don’t.

Feelings of fear, worry and dread must first be mollified before optimism can emerge. The only way to do this is to see it for what it is, to face your own painful feelings with compassion and the willingness to have them lifted. We have spoken many times about how integrated you are with the wider cosmos and the unseen worlds and how eternally you are connected to Source and we urge you now to consider these truths at least as a possibility, even if it doesn’t feel that way to you.

Life is a gift and you chose to enter it. You were given free will and that means the free will to experience everything you need to experience be it positive or negative. Nobody judges you but you yourself, and you will notice that those who have a naturally optimistic attitude to life seem to judge less and let go more easily. Free will is in fact quite a daunting thing to have as it makes so much available to you without giving you the wisdom to use it well. This is what you incarnate in order to learn, and how you use free will depends first and foremost on how you use your own mind. So-called mistakes are made by everyone, the purpose of which is to experience something that teaches you, in order that you may learn and, as it were, flesh out more of your own consciousness. Challenges appear like hurdles which must be surmounted and it is often only in hindsight that you realise what you accomplished during these times of trial.

Don’t be afraid of challenges. They always arise with the opportunity to know your own soul more deeply and to lift your thinking to your inate connection to Source. The desire to know your own Creator is very powerful in most humans even if they don’t recognize it.

Never underestimate the power of Source to help, heal and restore you. All that is ever required is that you ask for what it is you need with a sincere heart, fully knowing that your request is valid and is not judged on its merit. However intelligent and capable you believe yourself to be you cannot begin to understand the power of that which creates you in the first place. True prayer is passionate, even though it may be given in quietude. Passion is the action of the heart which loves first and does not judge. In sincere and genuine prayer a wholeness is experienced and a love like no other is felt.

There is a great thirst among humans to connect more fully to Source, to receive Its intelligence more abundantly and to live more freely with a fuller and more rounded personal and collective consciousness. Understand how completely your life matters, not just to those around you but to Source Itself. Miracles happen because at some level you believe that they can. When you go through times of doubt and uncertainty, just remember the miracles that have happened in your own life, however small or insignificant they may appear to be. The fact is, those events occurred in spite of yourself, as if they were gifts from God, and at the time you opened your eyes and heart with marvel. Recollect those moments and remind yourself to marvel at life, just for its own sake.

Don’t look back on past errors. There were no errors, just times of discovery. Look to the present moment and embrace the Presence, for it is always with you, supporting you, loving you and guiding you if only you will allow It to. Ask freely for what it is you need, but be clear about what it is you must ask for. The intelligence of the heart yearns to resonate with truth and, when this oneness forms the basis of prayer, the power of that prayer is enormous.

Reflect back only on times that your prayers were answered and remember how important they were at that time. Take heart from those experiences and go forward with optimism, knowing that when you go to Source to ask for what it is you need, your prayer will be heard.

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