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CREON NOTES – September 2019

While the politics of any nation has a profound effect on the life of that nation it is important to remember that who you are is senior to your political opinions. Life is informed by political leanings but it is ultimately consciousness that informs politics. While you are all affected by your national and international politics it is important to remember that you have the power to affect what happens through your own consciousness.

Life is a process of spiritual growth for all humans regardless of where they stand in the pecking order. An individual who appears well placed according to wealth and status does not make that person superior to those who have less in terms of their worldly position. Indeed it is often the case that those who have the greatest spiritual awareness have much less in terms of earthly achievement, and this is because they quite simply need less. It has been said in many of the religious teachings on your planet that it more difficult for a rich person to “enter the gates of heaven” than a poor person, and this is because most people become wealthy through their diligent attention to acquiring money. Whatever you put your attention on increases and those who place their attention on love in all its forms, will grow in love. We do not speak here only of personal and emotional love, but Love in its widest meaning.

Consciousness is interactive amongst humans. It is infectious for the human mind is curious and restless by nature and mostly, desires to learn. How you think and what you say affects those around you, more than you realise. If your thoughts are consistently based in fear or anger, your field will be colored by those emotions and you will have a negative effect. Those who think and feel more or less the same will be content in your company but those who seek a broader, lighter understanding of life will not. Misery loves company, but then so does happiness. Misery loves company so it can keep feeding itself, but happiness loves company so that it can share itself.

It has been said before that the hardest thing you can change in life is your own mind, and most people don’t actually want to. It is only when some form of limitation has dominated a person’s life to the point they become truly tired of it, do they seek relief and ask for help. Everyone has the power of awareness and it is through awareness that all healing takes place. Your own awareness is truly yours and is your gift from Source. You have the free will to use it as you wish. We advise you to seek the wisdom to use it well. Consciousness will dictate your actions so be aware of what you hold in consciousness. Awareness is the act of observing, not only what goes on around you, but as important, what goes on in your own mind. Many of the uncomfortable thoughts that flicker into your thinking offer much freedom and release from pain if you will learn to question them. The mind will take as truth whatever it thinks until it learns to question the validity of those thoughts. This is done in the light of awareness, and a great freedom is the result of catching a thought and realizing you believe it, then asking yourself if you really need to continue with that thought. If it is a repetitive and unproductive train of thought that you understand is not necessary to your well being, you can let it go and the result of that is to become free of the emotional impact that thought has upon you. This is freedom. A sense of relief and lightness follows which allows room for more creative thought to enter followed by more creative action.

We do not say this is easy, for to exercise awareness a degree of discipline is required. Suppressing thought and feeling is not helpful, but allowing thought to fully surface, in the safe space of personal awareness, will give you the opportunity to examine how you think. Stillness of mind is necessary for the quiet voice of wisdom and love to be heard.

As we have so often said, judgement is always colored by personal belief and experience, and most people have harsh opinions about people and situations who do not behave in accordance with their own personal viewpoint. We do not say you must agree with the situation, we ask that you extend your awareness to see that your personal viewpoint is very different from the situation you are judging. Clearly situations occur that are undesirable in every way, situations that cause needless pain and suffering, and this has been the history of the world in which you live. There are many opportunities available to individuals who through right action, can do much to alleviate suffering.

Mindfulness is a word used more frequently among human society. The word simply means to be aware, to be Present. With most people the mind will gallop off and engage in its own interests, but practicing Mindfulness, or staying with the Present moment, calms the mind and allows the individual to become still and alert. Everything calms down and a sense of peacefulness begins to pervade. This is a desirable state to be in and the more you dwell in this state the better off you are. It is a practice that you can engage in at any time, as you go about your daily business.

In your current social and political climate mixed messages are abundant and lack of clear leadership is difficult for many to live with. Now is the time to find your own leadership, leadership of a spiritual and social nature, where you can decide to act with loving intention and responsibility. Consider deeply what is true for you and learn to examine those beliefs and opinions which are not helpful to you or cause you pain. As you catch a thought that is uncomfortable, stop in that moment and question its validity. If it causes you pain it may not be valid. It is most likely a habitual thought that passes frequently under the radar of your own awareness, and does you no service. Circular thinking is a particularly human trait which offers little benefit, if any, but needs to be clearly seen in order to be dismantled.

Become the leader in your own life. Life is not static but taking issue with everything around you makes it stagnate. If you don’t like something, look at whatever it is and see if you can identify a completely different viewpoint. Then look to see if there is yet another viewpoint and no matter how in conflict that might be with your initial viewpoint, really look, with compassionate detachment and you will discover that everything is subject to individual viewpoint. Consciousness is infectious and as your own consciousness expands to become more inclusive, so it affects those around you. This is love.

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