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CREON NOTES – September 2020

Notwithstanding the many problems you all face at this time, be assured that there are those beyond your planet who work to support you. Much is known to us that is not known to you but it is known in a different way. We do not read or watch news that is generated by individuals whose output is influenced by particular needs. We see your world as forming energetic patterns, some of which are harmonious and some of which are not.

Everything that lives in a material sense is connected to Source and these connections form the shape of energetic emissions which are not visible to the human eye except in rare cases. To your senses you believe you are solid matter and this is in a way, true. But beyond your limited understanding of physical reality lies a world not visible or audible to the human eye or ear, but nevertheless exists as a reality and has enormous influence on visible life. You do not see an electrical current as it passes through wires and activates a light bulb and you do not see information as it is being sent to your computer screen, but you see the result. You are surrounded by what is known as electromagnetic frequencies created by human invention, but that is not all.

Thought and emotion create frequencies that affect your immediate and personal life. They produce different colors according to their nature and while you think your thoughts are private, to an evolved eye they are not. What you think and feel has enormous bearing on how you are and how you live. The highest vibrational force in your universe is Love, as we have told you many times before. What you think and feel is not private to you as you are connected to the whole of Life and you have more power than you realise to utilize your connection to affect the collective mind in a positive and uplifting way. There are those who understand this and use this power unwisely for selfish purposes with complete disregard to the ultimate power of Love itself. This has been going on for too long while good people succumb to this force in the belief they can change nothing.

Few people really want your world to be as it is today, with the wars, ill treatment and cruelty that is evident in every corner of human society. It is through the sheer determination of those who wish it this way that makes it this way. Bring an end to this in your own life, for this is where change really begins. Take heart and reclaim your courage to affect the collective human consciousness by bringing that love and faith to bear in your own daily lives. Don’t be afraid to conduct your own research and find out what it going on, what is at the source of all the wrongdoing you see around you. Educate yourselves using wisdom and patience looking at all points of view and not just those that accord with your own. There are those who are willing to speak out against wrongfulness and if their message is clear and sincere, don’t be afraid to offer your support.

This is not a time for fighting. It is a time for recognizing your personal connection to all of life and the power you have to affect it with love. It is time to know fully deep within yourself that Love is indeed who you truly are – it is your very nature. You are surrounded by infinite intelligence and endowed with the free will to use it, so use it wisely. Too many have ignored this fact and, as if in trance, follow where they are told to go without ever questioning the merits of where they are going. Seek healing for your personal ills, of whatever nature, in the full knowledge and understanding that you are a creation of the Source and have unlimited access to Its power. It is your birthright and you have the gifts of Life, Intelligence and Love.

You do not need artificial intelligence as you have access to so much more of your own. Do not surrender this. The human mind is capable of untold brilliance which has mostly been educated out of you from the moment you were born, because the dominating systems you were born into do not want you to have it. Reclaim that intelligence and begin to question the limiting beliefs you have held all your life, which were imposed upon you through family, education and culture, for you are so much greater than you think and have so much more power to affect change for good than you realise.

Share your love with others from the point of view that you recognize your connection and the connection you all have to Source. Thoughts of powerlessness will breed powerlessness and thoughts of Love will breed that. We do not suggest that you should be blind. On the contrary. Operating from the Love of Source will open the way for your alignment with intuition, wisdom and discernment. You will know if your actions are wise through their outcomes, so educate yourself first about yourself.

Your world is progressing towards an opportunity for enormous change for good. We encourage you to hold your heads high and participate in that march.

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