• Sheila James

CREON NOTES - December 2018

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

This is the time of your earth year that calls for celebration, but although in your world it is tied to religious festivals, from where we stand we regard it as a time for people to come together in love. Open your hearts and remember that love and goodwill is far more important than the stress you experience with your preparations and busyness.

It is said often that love really is the most important thing in human life but this is so easily forgotten. There is much darkness in your world and the energy field of the whole planet is unbalanced. Many humans feel powerless but you forget that the power of love itself is the most potent power there is. We do not ask you to adopt false pretences of love and goodwill to all you meet, simply that taking a step back from the content of your thinking mind, and dwelling for a few moments at a time in the space of your whole beingness will allow a natural love to flow.

Who you are as a human is best described by the content of your energy field and you attract and repel in life through your energy field. You cannot lie about this for everything about you is written there and although it is mostly not visible to the human eye, everything in the field has a vibration. You can have a low vibration or a higher vibration, which emits information that the world around you receives and responds to.

As we tell you every time we communicate with you, who you truly are is much much more than what you think you are. Your mind will usually trick you into believing yourselves to be limited in some way. Some people will believe themselves to be more powerful at an ego and economic level than they really are and there’s not much you can do about that. But the real power comes from the intention to allow love to flow. You don’t have to do anything except know this.

When the mind is relaxed and the sense of Presence is uppermost in consciousness, life flows more easily. Guidance from within comes to you more clearly and when you are in this relaxed and aware state it is as if you are operating in partnership with that which is Divine. The Presence is always there and you can open to it at any time, asking for guidance on any matter, large or small, that is pertinent to the current moment. Thinking often blocks out guidance as it is ego centered and limited to the extent of knowledge that you have. Difficulties are often caused because there is insufficient knowledge and even when you are clear that you don’t know what you think you need to know, knowledge doesn’t always come on demand.

With a heartfelt intention to receive knowledge, about any matter at all, it will be presented to you. Either you are guided to go out and seek it, if involves a practical matter, or you will receive an understanding from within yourself if it relates to a matter that is not connected to practical things.

There is a difference between intuition and opinion. Because you live in a mind based culture it is easy to think that your opinion is a correct assessment of a situation but this may not be the case. Open your mind, step back into the no-mind Presence, and look again. You may see that where before there was an attitude of right and wrong (this person/collective is correct and the other is not), viewed from Presence you are able to see that each has their own point of view.

Obviously there are desirable ways to behave and act in human society and we do not dispute that. Right thinking and action is desirable at all times, but where you are not sure what that right action is, step back from your mind. Humans are conditioned from birth to think a certain way and the journey through life is one of experience and learning. The purpose of mistakes is to learn from them and the purpose of life is growth and the expression and experience of love. So don’t blame yourself if you have made a “mistake”. Make it right without and within as best you can and take the knowledge you have gained with you.

The collective consciousness is deeply affecting to everyone and the more you are able to step away from involvement with the thoughts and feelings that crowd your mind and beingness, the more peace you will have. As you relax into the Presence, simple Awareness automatically exerts itself, as in meditation. But as we have said so many times, the mind is an instrument of addiction and is addicted to its own patterns. You can’t change these patterns by force but you can become aware of them and bring compassion to bear for yourself. If you cease to give energy to the mental conundrum going on in your head, it will have less power over you. You become the observer of your internal world and from that perspective you realize fully that who you truly are is not the content of your thinking.

Intuition comes through a moment of quietude. Unconscious emotional reactions are not the same. They are mostly fear and desire based and come through the ego although they may be sourced in the collective consciousness and are not necessarily personal. The earthly atmosphere is thick with broadcast waves that are beyond visible light and audible sound and so it is with thought. There is nothing you need to do about this except know it, and know that the Presence is a constant, and is above and beyond everything else.

The term Beware means simple to Be Aware and we encourage you to pay attention to this. Dwell as far as possible in an attitude of awareness. The human mind has become like water – throw even the tiniest pebble into it and there is instant disturbance as the ripples form. It should be like honey, smooth, not easily disturbed, and flowing to an easy equilibrium.

A quiet mind allows the heart to express and right action to follow. Don’t try to force this, just hold this notion in your field of awareness and the rest will follow. Don’t strive, be easy with yourself and live comfortably alongside what you perceive to be your own imperfections. What you consider to be perfect is only your own opinion based on what you have taken from the world around you. There is no such thing as a perfect human being because as soul you are already perfect.


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