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July 2019

All humans incarnate with very specific desires and intentions. These are based on what the soul considers important for its own evolution in understanding and love, and what it wishes to experience during incarnation in human form. It is very easy for humans to judge the words and actions of others and deem them to be unacceptable in some way but, even if they are not desirable from the perspective of societal good, it is impossible to understand their motivation unless you are willing to look at the matter from their point of view and not your own.

Our human friends are, almost without exception, caught up in their own deeply entrenched beliefs and opinions. People judge everything and most of their mental preoccupation involves judgements and opinions. It takes courage to admit honestly to yourselves that you just don’t know, and in the same moment be willing to be shown. Nearly all conflict is caused by the unwillingness to extend mentally beyond an established position which is invariably narrow and subjective and does not embrace a wider need. The old saying that people “see through a glass darkly” rings true.

It isn’t only viewpoints about cultural life, politics and so forth that are so restrictive, more importantly is the way individuals judge the people and situations around them. If you would withhold judgement, keep an open mind and allow the process of life or the evolution of a particular set of circumstances to reveal to you a higher truth, your viewpoint would be greatly expanded, less personal and more compassionate.

Many opinions are expressed regarding the meaning of “spiritual development” and we would give you a small clue to what this might encompass. Rigid thoughts cause hard edges. The slightest upset disturbs a rigid mind in the same way that great ripples are caused by tossing a small stone into the water. A mind at ease should be like honey, which takes much to disturb and returns to stasis with ease and softness.

We do not ask you to be blandly dull-witted, unable to have thoughts or ideas of your own. Mental alertness is part of spiritual development along with an expanded awareness and to use your mind correctly is an essential part of spiritual growth. What we are suggesting is that you question your own ideas and opinions and open your awareness to the possibility of a more extended viewpoint.

It is very easy, where fear is present, to resort to old, ingrained mental habits. Most humans will incarnate with certain circumstances that present themselves during their lifetime on a regular basis in various guises, each time triggering the pain that was caused previously. We see that our human friends, during times of strife and pain, will recall previous times of unhappiness but, during happier moments they will recall previous happy moments. Watch yourself to see if you too fall into this category, as most humans do. The mind is a very powerful tool. The key to its optimum alignment is simple awareness, and acceptance and compassion for what you see.

You view the world according to your own personal likes and dislikes and the more willing you are to remove those filters to embrace a wider range of viewpoints the easier the mind becomes. Never be afraid to change a viewpoint or embrace those of others, not with emotion but with detachment, interest and curiosity. To actually stand in another’s shoes and view the world from where they see it is a very liberating experience.

Humans crave acceptance and evolution and almost everyone yearns for some aspect of their life to be “better”. More of this, less of that and so forth. Much of a person’s life content is created by the way the individual thinks and regards things, and the purpose of recurring problems around a particular facet of life is to bring to attention the unresolved pain or undesirable actions that have occurred. The twin lights of attention and intention are needed to bring about whatever healing is required. Sometimes simple acceptance at a deep level is all that is needed, sometimes determined action not considered before is the key. Guidance comes through intuition and is always available. Even if it appears to come from the suggestions of another person, it is the intuitive faculty which measures its wisdom and prompts the individual either to action or inaction. Judgement clouds intuition and muddies the waters of right action.

When thought is colored by emotion the immediate reaction is to believe it is the truth. When you stand aside as the observer, you will see that another person will have a different thought colored by a different emotion and they too believe their position to be the truth. But who is right? While there must be common agreements for society to function, each individual will view life from their own perspective and the rigidity of this perspective will determine the level of discord or harmony experienced.

Every person coming to incarnation will have a set of conditions laid down which will form a large part of their development and these experiences form the bases of world view and opinion. People tend to gravitate to others of a similar disposition, and together they will form a group thought or consciousness. Be willing to know that it is only opinion based on personal experience and not that of the other person, nation or group, and become clear that you cannot judge effectively without having been in their shoes.

It is vital at this time for individuals to reach out to each other with an openmindedness borne of awareness and equality. As tribal, national and family life becomes ever more challenged, we see many individuals behaving as if they are islands and this makes human life ultimately weak. It is always a joy for us to watch people joining together in a common cause for good where they are willing to transcend their own entrenched positions, for this gives strength and helps dissolve the walls that lead to separateness and isolation. You do not have to agree with the perspective of another person in order to respect the fact that they have one.

Awareness is the key and the willingness to spend some time simply being present and aware helps the mind to become quiet. We see more and more of our human friends committing to this way of living which gives us great joy as it is through the expansion of consciousness that change occurs and healing takes place.

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