• Sheila James

June 2017

The world in which you live can be considered to be a difficult one, there is no denying this, but it has always been so. It appears that you live in two worlds, the world you see outside and read about in the newspapers and the world you inhabit internally. Really they are the same world because how you experience the outer world is an expression of your inner world. You can learn of catastrophic happenings in some far off place and feel threatened and frightened, or you can feel compassion and trust. These are your choices.

Human incarnation can be difficult for the soul. It is a choice made by the soul and is never forced. The soul wishes to experience physical life with all its ramifications, the chief one being the polar opposites of pleasure and pain. It is pleasurable to taste delicious foods and the comfort of a warm bed, and painful to be caught in conflict and denial of things you need. Human life requires courage and those souls who choose incarnation are applauded, for much is learned during each spell spent upon the planet Earth. The soul is greater than humans believe it to be, as not all of the soul incarnates at one time. You think in terms of space and time, shape, form and number. The higher realms of existence go far beyond those concepts and the term "soul" encompasses far more than you can possibly realize.

You believe yourself to be restricted to a physical body, separate from all other physical forms and you conduct your lives based on that premise. Beyond incarnation you discover that you are not so separate after all, and that you can be, as soul, in more than one place at one time. Because you think of yourself as a finite physical form you believe the nature of soul is the same. It is not. It cannot be weighed and measured and limited to one spot for soul by its very nature has far greater abilities, and the realms of life beyond your planet exist by a completely different set of laws. So it is difficult for you to understand the non-separated nature of soul which continues to have its own individuality. What you consider to be a failure in your life is considered by us to be a success, for that perceived failure has helped you to understand.

Life is eternal. Soul can never not be conscious and aware, and it can't fail. As it moves beyond limiting human existence soul experiences great joy and bliss on returning home. It experiences its true self more fully and the nature of life is one of happiness. In its true state soul is part of the Source, can never be separated from the Source and can never not be loved by the Source. Soul works through the human lifetime to become conscious and aware, through the joys, difficulties and heartaches of human experience. It is the yearning of soul to know its Source.

It is easy to forget during the human lifetime, with all its attendant demands and stresses, to feed the soul. Soul yearns for inner quietude and Presence and there are things you can do to help. Being present in the moment is the greatest gift. Fully experiencing the moment without interuption from the mind automatically brings inner quiet. Really listen to what you are hearing, particularly the sounds of nature to which soul is so attuned. Dwell on the perfume of flowers and seek places whose sounds are conducive to peace. Go to the river or the ocean and become absorbed in the sound of waves crashing and gentle river streams tricking over the rocks. Fully taste each mouthful of the food you eat and really feel whatever it is you touch with your hands. Make a point of looking at things that inspire you and that you consider to be beautiful. At its root every single thing is of the Source.

All souls incarnate for purposes which are entirely individual. Every soul has purposes in its lifetime. You will find your purpose by examining what it is you love to learn, what you have learned and what so-called mistakes have repeated during your life. All humans have shared general purposes, and functioning as an individual amongst society is one of them. What you feel is private to you and is a great indication of where you are heading. All people have thoughts, fears, dreams and plans which motivate them to action and create the life that we know. Wishing that things were different in some way is very common to humans, but not much is learned during the easy times. Times of pleasure are to be enjoyed and shared. Joy is a different thing. Joy is a state of simply enjoying the moments of the lifetime without condition, regardless of the content of the moment. By feeding the soul you will have more enjoyment and a greater sense of your own deep self, a greater feeling of love and wellbeing, and a greater sense of trust in your own life. Do things that lift your heart for this helps the soul. What appeals to your heart is what is good for your soul and allows true happiness to express itself.

Worry, fear and guilt rob the soul of its joy and the more you step aside from these thoughts the better off you will be. These things are conditions of the mind and not the heart or soul.

Listen to the gentle voice of your own soul, for it will guide you and guide you well.

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