• Sheila James

June 2018

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

There can be no doubt that worldly conditions upon your planet appear to be reaching a crisis point. We are aware of the level of concern and indeed fear that pervades humanity at this tie. On the one hand there are many of our friends who are working to achieve ever higher levels of consciousness and understanding, and those who seem to be doing the opposite. Much has been said about the changing of the ages, the transition from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, but we urge you to look beyond even the time honored beliefs about the progression of your planet through the astrological ages. Truth is beyond astrology, although astrology can be a helpful tool in understanding much about yourselves and the situations you find yourselves in. It is however just a tool and should never be used to foretell the so-called future or serve as a cast iron guideline to how things are likely to be.

Who you truly are is senior to your astrology chart. Who you truly are is not the sum total of that chart, the interpretations of which are dependent upon another persons level of learning and understanding. See yourself as a whole being, borne entirely of the Source and belonging only to the Source. As asuch you will realize that you are made entirely of Source matter with unlimited potential and capable of infinite awareness. Most humans identify more or less completely with the body and the circumstancs in which it dwells, and the more time you devote to the exercise of simple awareness the more you will see that you are not this.

Human life and all it contains is addictive and the human mind is an instrument of addiction. It takes a determined effort to step aside from the belief that all you are is a mind and body, left alone to thrash and flail about as you count the passing years with gloom and grief,, whilst feverishly trying to accomplish all the goals you think you should accomplish, many of which are a simple waste of time.

Stop what you are doing and thinking, sit down in peace and for a short while contemplate the nature of Reality, the nature of the Source. Who created you? What creates your circumstances? As yourself these questions and see if you can find an honest answer. Most likely you won't be able to, unless some neatly worded notion springs straight from your mind which sounds good to you. The truth is that, of yourself you know little about yourself or the nature of your life and what lies behind it. The only thing you can honestly say is that "I Am". In that state of Beingness you will see that you are the witness of all that goes on within and around you.

It is not our intention for you to be dismissive of worldly affairs. On the contrary. If it is in you to become active in any way at all towards improving life on your planet then we strongly urge you to follow your guidance and, with wisdom, energy and compassion engage in whatever activity calls you to serve. We delight in watching our earthly friends bring their courage to bear in upholding and promoting spiritual value amongst the conditions of life, and understand the frustrations you have when you are forced to witness the suffering often caused by the monumental stupidity of those who are powerful enough to do so.

The way to do this is through consciousness and the wise use of your voice to express that consciousness and to communicate it to others. You don't have to wait for some imaginary form of enlightenment to tell your truth as it is today. Take responsibility for what you think and understand that simply blaming personalities on the global stage, the racial discrepancies and national proclivities for the world's ills, isn't going to change anything except make you more frustrated.

There is but One and yours is a world of Oneness despite appearances. As you blame another seek inside yourself for that same character trait or behaviour pattern you accuse them of demonstrating, for you can't see it in another without recognizing it first within your own thinking. When you can see it, the situation no longer holds you in such an emotional sway. You simply see it and thus have the power to embrace those negative aspects within ourself with understanding and compassion, for it is this that heals. As you regard the object of your ire, be it a person or a situation, you bring that compassion to bear out of personal understanding and, as sufficient numbers or people do this, so the power of the situation diminishes. Love is the greatest healer of all, and compassion is the highest vibration of love for it has no thought of Self.

Question your beliefs about the future of your world. Much of those beliefs were formed by various religious teachings across the globe over the centuries. Are they really true, just because you read them in our religious texts? Most of what you read is simply the opinion of another person, whether they live today or recorded their thoughts a thousand years ago. Have your own thoughts and start from a simple point of awareness, the point where all you can say is I Am. then you will engage yourself anew with the world around you and celebrate the wonder of all you have and all you see. A good memory is your greatest friend when it comes to developing abilities and acquiring technical knowledge, but when it comes to the indoctrination foisted upon you from early life, it can be your deadliest foe. Most of your beliefs and opinions are formed by others and you take them as sacred truths when they are not. They have simply been passed on and in realizing this and surrendering these belief, all you will experience is a greater degree of freedom and relief.

Don't be afraid to think for yourself and give yourself the freedom to change what you thin when it is appropriate to do so. Many thoughts become like worn out old clothes and need to be discarded. At this point you stand naked, and innocent, and more available to Truth than you have ever been.

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