• Sheila James

March 2017

"We watch with interest at developments currently occurring in your world. We see much turmoil and unrest, conflict and unease. We talk about “your world” in the collective sense of the planet upon which you live, but we also talk about “your world” as the personal world in which each person lives according to their own thoughts, characteristics and circumstances. As your thoughts , beliefs and opinions shape your own private world, so do the collective thoughts, beliefs and opinions shape the destiny of each community, nation and the planet itself. We caution you to bear this in mind and not allow yourselves to be overtaken by what occurs in your mind as a result of what you hear and see and experience in the collective realm.

As information has become increasingly and readily available through your communications systems so has the individual response to that information. We see many of our Earthly friends overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information that reaches them but more importantly what concerns us is the massive emotional reaction to what is read and heard. We do not deny your freedom to gather information nor do we wish to bury you in your homes with no access to the outside world. Not at all, for it is vital to the wellbeing of all humans to participate in the world around them and not become isolated. It is desirable to be informed and aware of outside circumstances whether they affect you directly or not.

What is important is how you deal with this information overload. Many people become so caught up in current collective thinking that they lose sight of themselves and their own lives to the extent that they become like leaves blowing in the breeze, lost to a world of opinion and judgement which dominate them completely. We don’t ask you to not hold opinions for this would be impossible. What we say is, understand that your opinions are just that, opinions. The opinions you hold are based largely on your own personal history, cultural indoctrination and your own set of likes and dislikes. Rarely do you know the whole truth. When confronted by someone whose opinions oppose your own, learn a little about that person and use your imagination to stand in their shoes. Then you will have a glimmer of understanding and with that comes compassion. You don’t have to agree with them but this will allow you to stand aside from your own thinking and judgements and see a much broader picture. Thus the heart can re- engage, not with sentiment, but with wisdom, for it is through the heart that wisdom arises. In this state the mind becomes quiet and this paves the way for right action and follow-through instead of emotional reaction and chaos. When you are faced with conflict in your immediate environment and watch with dismay as seemingly calamitous events unfold, ask yourself, who needs your help? Where can you be of service and what can you bring to the situation that would be of benefit to all? We don’t ask you to hide under the covers and pretend things aren’t happening, on the contrary, we ask you to use your awareness and be mindful of the fact that all are One, and allow yourself to be guided towards right action and speech bearing in mind all the ramifications of the situation that are known to you.

You are not an island. Remember that what you think and how you act affects the world around you. There are times when you may have to say and do things you would prefer not to, but if this is what you are guided to do then be willing to be unpopular with yourself and those around you and learn to live alongside that. You do not have to rush around trying to save the world or rescue those you deem to be the lost souls, for this would be insincere and ineffective. Reach into your heart, the Sacred heart, and let it reveal its wisdom and guidance to you for that is where you will find it. This requires patience and genuine humility. The more you practice this the greater the benefit will be to your personal world and the world around you. No bacteria is more infectious than judgement and opinion and the more you see this the greater the freedom you will have from their effects."

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