• Sheila James

May 2017

There are many events happening in your world about which you are not happy and this causes a collective cloud to present itself. It is very important that our friends do not become overwhelmed by this cloud which we see as a collective graying of the planetary aura. It is of great concern to us because it affects all individuals, whether or not they are of a sensitive nature, and even though you may think you can separate yourselves from the collective, it is not as easy to do as you think, unless you pay attention.

Every living thing is surrounded by an energy field which is not usually visible to the human eye and for this reason it is easy to dismiss its effects. The fact that you do not see this field does not negate its existance or the effect it has upon you personally. Hostilities may not be voiced but they are thought and felt and exist as auric emanations which color the private world of each individual and in turm effect each other. Taking care of your own energetic emanations is the best thing each person can do for themselves and for each other, for what you think, feel and do really does impact everything and everyone around you.

The negativity currently surrounding your planet is very real and visible to us and we encourage you to not add to it through fear and anger. While these emotions may seem very appropriate to you in the light of all the hardships occuring everywhere in your collective world, they do not help the situations that confront you. Rarely before has there been a time when humans need to take notice of how they think, feel and react, and learn to stand aside from this emotional flux and remain still within their own hearts.

We do not argue that there are individuals and organisations on your planet who do not have the best interests of the whole at the foundation of their decision making and there are many in positions of power who fall into this category. Not all individuals have the warm hearts of our beloved friends, but rather than fight this knowledge and feel angry, it is important that you see this exactly for what it is and hold your own energy in the sacred space of your hearts. Mental battling will only exhaust you and it is important to realise that you can't change much at the level of the thinking mind, clouded as it is with its own opinions and judgements. Acknowledge reality for what is truly is and not from what you wish it to be, and go from there.

Where you go from there is what matters. We do not ask you to become passive or disengaged from human life, for this would serve no purpose least of all to yourself. You are part of society and you need the whole of society to support your own and each others lifeforce. On the contrary, we would ask you to involve yourselves with the world around you wherever you feel it is appropriate, and to help each other. This can be done at a practical level or energetically and through the power of your own spoken words.

Language has a significant effect on life and the use of words that are powerful, loving and sincere have an immediate effect on your own energy field and that of those you speak to. Words also create future events, a fact that you may noy have considered deeply. We ask you to do this now and become aware of all the words you use as much as possible. Even the most dulcet of tones can convey a message of pain and negativity, so as you speak really become aware of what you are saying and what motivates you to say it. We don't intend that you should become some sort of ever-smiling automaton who never utters a 'bad' word. This is a nonsensical idea as there is always times when conversation must embrace difficult facts. But the truth is the key word here and it is a question of learning how to deliver information of a difficult nature in a positive way. This is always easier to do and more effective when the mind is calm and the heart is present. Therefore we suggest you use your awareness to consider wht you say before you say it. Doing this will allow you to see and understand your own motivations and emotions more clearly, and this in itself offers a greater level of freedom and confidence.

Joyous laughter always injects light into the human aura and humor is to be encouraged. You have the feedom to express opinion, but bear in mind when you do so that opinion and truth are not always the same thing. Allow others to have their own thoughts and opinions even if you do not agree with them. By respecting the fact that most opinions are colored by personal experience you will automatically  develop more of a broader topic at hand, and in considering the thoughts and opinions of others more deeply you will develop a wider viewpoint for yourselves. Sincere understanding and consideration increases empathy and wisdom which in turn greatly enhances the energy field of every individual.

Humans by their nature will always gravitate to those who share the same viewpoints and this is what causes a 'them and us' dynamic in human life. It is what leads to faction fighting both on a small and large scale, and we suggest you seek to understand the positions of your so-called enemies rather than fight them, whether you do so literally or in your mind and belief systems. Your planet has been one of warfare and without fully realizing it humans have been pitted against one another in all manner of battles by those who wish to gain control. This has been allowed to happen because individuals have not questioned the validity of the fight. When collective awareness arises and ceases to join the fight, things can change and change for the better. Every human being is a powerhouse unto themselves and has enormous ability to affect the life around them in a positive and healthy way. It begins with the way you think and what you allow into your field of awareness. Humans have untold potential for spiritual awakening and development and, from where we stand, this is what our human friends yearn for.

Most humans do not see the power that lies in their own awareness and underestimate their own importance. When every person comes to an understanding and acceptance of this, then you will have peace on your planet. The content of the collective mind has always had enormous influence on the passage of events, and when the collective comes into its own power, fully equipped with empathy and understanding, there is little that cannot be achieved. The achievement of this starts with each individual and we encourage our friends to take courage and have faith.

Beyond the collective force field of humankind there lies the true spiritual force field which is one of infinite intelligence, love and Presence. It grants you total free will to think whatever you choose, and the more you address your thoughts to this great energy and seek its guidance, the quicker you will break through the difficulties you have of a mental nature. This is a form of prayer and it has been frequently said that no prayer goes unanswered, Fearful thoughts particularly tend to remain trapped in the individual aura and breed more fear and poor decision making. When a fear based thought arises, take it through your heart centre to this Presence and ask for help and guidance. Solutions come, but you must listen to your heart and not attempt to make conditions regarding the source from which they come. Thus you can enter more freely the true flow of life, and marvel at the twists and turns It takes to deliver you to your right destinations.

Do not be afraid.

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