• Sheila James

October 2017

Life on your planet is dense and the human form is all encompassing for most people.   Humans identify themselves as being only a physical body with a mind. Many of our human friends work diligently to maintain the health of their bodies and this is of course to be encouraged.  There are others who do not take such good care and this usually has consequences, either in the short or long term, which leads to physical debility of one type or another.  Taking care of the mind and emotions is equally important as what occurs within the mental and emotional realms of the individual has a direct effect on the physical form.

Humans tend to forget, even if they are aware in the first place, that above and beyond the physical form they are a Light body and it is this body that exists prior to physical birth and  survives beyond physical death.   You do not “have” a Light body,  you are one.   It is this body that seeds the experience in human form and can most easily be accessed through an understanding of the aura or energy field.  However, the aura is colored by the experience of the physical so does not describe the Light body in total, only in the way that it forms a sometimes visible bridge between the two. No matter what damage is done to the physical or what trauma is experienced, the Light body remains intact as it is this body that is part of the Source and cannot be annihilated.   It is not possible.  Humans may die in all sorts of conflicted situations and experience much trauma in the process, but the light body survives all manner of human experience and upon the ending of human life, continues ever forward and ultimately returns to its home.

It is difficult for most humans to feel centered in their Light bodies as the physical is all consuming nearly all the time, except during periods of sleep when the individual is able to experience itself as something other than just a person, with all the attendant hopes, fears and concerns of daily life.   When the physical body is healthy it is usually ignored and taken for granted and for most people the mind will dominate to the exclusion of all other things.  It is a battle for most people to stand aside of their mind and be a witness to its doings.   It shouldn’t be a battle, but as we have so often said, the mind is an instrument of addiction and it doesn’t surrender its addictions easily.   The main addiction is to thinking the same thoughts all the time.   If you were truly able to change your mind you would change your life and many of our friends have experienced this with happy results.  However, you can’t change your mind in the same way that you change your clothes.   What you can do is witness your thoughts and know that who you are is not the content of your thinking.   In the moment of thinking a thought,  catch it and see that it is just that,  a thought.   The old saying  “Be still and know that I am” is the best way to describe this understanding, for if you will allow the mind a moment’s stillness you will realize that you are alive and conscious and at the same time will experience a more peaceful and loving state of being.

The Light body is the true you and your human form is the vehicle you use to express your life during the earthly sojourn.   All that you know and do registers with the Light body which has access to far greater consciousness than the human mind and form.   But it is through the human experience that you develop consciousness and come to the realization that you can’t find a way to be connected to that which Creates you, because you already are and always will be.   Just as a rock pool on the beach is always part of the ocean, the Light body is always part of Source and ultimately belongs with Source.

True spirituality is simple.  We do not say it is easy and there are all sorts of complicated practices that can be adopted to attain this if you so wish.   You are completely free to choose whatever way suits you best.   But to realize that your human incarnation is subject to all sorts of man made laws, that you are not free to do as you wish without consequences, and that the world of duality can’t be avoided, is a good starting point.   The health of the physical and subtle bodies demands a commitment to reality, whatever the reality each day brings.  It is vital to be discerning among the conditions of life and to do this well requires you to see what these conditions are.  However, the willingness to be the observer of these conditions allows you the freedom to experience yourself more fully and the very force of life flows through you more easily.   Knowing that who you truly are is an eternal Light body that will never die, will give you some relief from the tension experienced when you are caught up in the activities of your mind.

The less you allow your mind to dominate the more you will dwell in the peace of your own Light body.  The warm expression of the Light body is infectious to others as Love is irresistible to most people.   Much work is done in the subtle realms to bring help and succor to mankind and we experience great joy to see our friends in human form reaching out to receive what is given and allow it to take root in their hearts.   You are surrounded by intelligence that is available to all and with a quiet mind daily guidance in things great and small is easily accessed.

Understand that you are not just the human form you think you are.   Indeed you are so much more.

Amongst the current prevailing conditions upon your planet it is advisable to ponder the meaning of the true self and its connection to Source.   From where we are we observe the polarity that exists between people.  On the one hand you have a seemingly increasing level of madness and negativity that exists both politically and personally, and on the other hand we see ever increasing numbers of people working hard to explore their true spirituality and seeking to live a more balanced and sane life.  We applaud this and do all we can to support this intention.   While you deem your thoughts to be private, they are largely borrowed from the collective human consciousness and the more enlightened your level of understanding and awareness becomes, the more you alter the color and content of the collective field.   This is the way real change happens.  

While it appears that world leaders collectively show little interest in the true resolution of conflict and difficulty, there are increasing numbers of individuals who are willing to take the healing mantel upon their shoulders and operate from beyond the level of duality.  In this endeavor a great impact is made upon the collective field as well as the lives of those around you.   It may seem a daunting task and you are not asked to put yourselves under unnecessary stress.  Be natural and real to yourself and open your hearts to receive the invisible support which is everywhere around you.   Your work is noticed and ultimately it is this that brings balance and healing, as the willingness to start from a place of Oneness allows all of life to be and honors the true meaning of equality.   Consciousness is the breeding ground of infections, and thoughts based in Love are the most infectious of all.   Know that this is what you truly are.

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