• Sheila James

September 2017

Much has been happening in your world and we pay particular attention to your climate, both political and weather related.  

We see the destruction caused to so many of your homes and suggest to you that at a time like this, there is no better way forward that to hold together in community.

Human beings by their very nature need community.   Where we are, community is automatically our normal way of being because there are no divisions between us.  We are each other and yet we can retain our individuality.  This is not a point for us to dwell on because the human mind is not capable of understanding our principle.   It may be glimpsed by some of our human friends, but only through the heart center and is understood in the core of the being because it is not an idea that can be even partially grasped by the mind.   The mind wants to analyse and evaluate the statement and ask the obvious question:  how can anyone be in more than one place at one time?  Of course this seems ridiculous to you, but to us it is the normal way of being as there is no division between us.  We are the closest to pure energy and as such are able to set our own boundaries should we choose to do so.  But it is not necessary, as we live by the undivided principle of Love which has no need to separate Itself.

You live in a world of duality and as such must accept the fact that everything has a positive and a negative.  You have night and day, black and white, male and female, good and bad.   This is the natural way of your world and while you must observe these laws you are not destined to live a life governed by a polarity that is beyond your control.   The truth of you all is a state of Oneness that is expressed through a world of duality, and the more you center this state of Oneness within your own consciousness, the less you will be affected by the polarities around you.

As so many of our human friends face the task of rebuilding their homes and their lives, we caution all of those who have the ability to listen to hold this space of Oneness.  Projecting into the future is a linear mind activity and there is no need to do this beyond the practical plans needed in daily living.   Human communities are capable of untold achievement and the joining together to help each other is one of the most liberating things humans are able to do.  Human society has been weakened by the attitude of “every man and woman for themselves” which has greatly accelerated over recent years.   This has made individuals weak in ways they were not before, when family and community played a more central role. The loneliness and stress associated with personal accomplishment and the disregard for other people has led many humans to become self-centered, over-stressed and unhappy.    

It is not so much what you get out of life, it is more what you bring to life and the spirit in which you do it that breeds joy and fulfillment and builds spiritual strength.

So many of our human friends are awakening to the limitations of political governance upon your planet and, while you must observe human laws for your own good, you are not required to compromise the spiritual laws of love.  Many of you feel called to take a stand against the behavior of those in high office and your voices are getting louder.  There can be no doubt that much of your world is run by the few for the real benefit of the few, and the masses of populations increasingly feel enslaved and sidelined.   To effect lasting change there has to be a massive and lasting change in consciousness, in understanding, and a thoroughly practical approach to what is known as Creation.

We are, all of us who live in different realms, on different planets and in different dimensions, part of one Creation.   We cannot expect to know  our Source as thoroughly as some think they should, in the same way that a two-year old child cannot expect to know its own mother as an individual at her level of maturity.  All it knows is what it may expect from its mother, and as such this is true for humanity.   But we can’t know what to expect unless we engage in an honest exploration with all that entails, and not just from the perspective of mental understanding.  This is the least of it for true knowledge comes, as we have so often said, through the heart center and not the thinking mind.  

You live in exciting times.   One of the reasons there is such a huge growth in population is that many souls are choosing to incarnate at this particular time in human history because the vibration of your world has become so fast.   There is opportunity for everything, both good and bad.  That some may not live a long life is of no importance.  An individual may live a short life, but one that is so packed with growth and learning that it is all they require.   Where you are you see life and death, but where we are we see only life, for that is the truth.   As we have so often stated, consciousness and individuality can’t die and after bodily cessation the soul, whilst retaining much of its earthly personality, will continue to experience aliveness and growth although in a much altered and happier situation.  Nothing is lost at “death” for the one who “dies”.   There is only a continuation of beingness and a return to surroundings far more familiar to the individual soul than your planet.   It is a return to Home and an occasion for celebration.  Only those left behind in physical form mourn their loss, but the one who leaves loses nothing. You may consider your life to be difficult and this might be true but most human life entails difficulty in one way or another.   Your life on your planet is voluntary, never forced, and incarnation is a matter of the soul’s own choice.   Many choose extremely hard lives for the opportunities for growth this offers.  You are never alone as all living creatures, every single living thing, has access to guidance and consciousness according to its level of development.  Nothing and nobody exists alone.

Much has been written and said about the destiny of your world and there is a general belief that some kind of “End Times” lies down the line of  Earthly time.  Whilst it is true that you live in a world of constant change, we encourage you not to think in terms of some final ending.   It is more a question of evolution and growth within which a massive expansion of consciousness takes place.   It is vital to remember that whoever you are, wherever you are, you are always you and the real key to you lies within your own heart.

You were born innocent and regardless of the nature of the life you lead or the things you say and do, that innocence lies intact in the deepest part of your soul.  For that deepest part is part of Source Itself and cannot be separated or denied.   It is the most fundamental core of who you really are which, by its very nature, is Love.   Know this, and proceed from there.

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