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THE CREON – May 2019

It is always with joy that we communicate with you in this way. We are far more aware of your lives than you would even begin to imagine. It is important to us that you realize the value and importance of your life each day as you live it for your days pass quickly and in the business of your daily activity it is easy for you to forget the beauty of the moment.

No matter how challenged you feel, no matter what pressures you are faced with, even a fleeting appreciation of the now will give you a moment in which you can feel present and whole, and know that your life is the way it is supposed to be. Most humans have times of thinking “if only….” And “I should have done it in a different way”. Remember that you did what you did because it was the best you could do at that time, with the knowledge and tools that you had in that moment. Our human friends have a remarkable ability to regret the past and fear the future in the belief that they have total freedom of choice. In one way you do have freedom of choice but those choices are entirely conditioned by who you believe you are and what you believe the world to be. You cannot lie to yourself and the person you become is conditioned by outside forces, the family into which you were born and raised and the culture which surrounds you, and it is not until you begin to question the validity of these forces will you find your internal freedom.

Most humans experience suffering of one sort or another through their lives and the healing of suffering is the first step to emotional and mental freedom that you so crave. Reflect back on your life with gratitude for the good things that happened and realize that most of the difficulties you faced came to resolution through the aid of the creative force that runs through you. The old saying that things have a way of working out is true, because you are surrounded by a beneficent forcefield that exists to support you in your life and the more you learn to interact with this invisible help the more apparent it becomes.

We do not suggest that you sit back and do nothing. Quite the opposite, for action on your part is required for you to engage with it and most of that action is the development of trust. Intuition is the guiding force and it will always tell you what you need to do to stimulate a positive chain of events. Sometimes it tells you to sit tight and do nothing for the moment and this is the opportunity provided to turn your attention to other positive acts of creativity. Creativity is the antidote to falling into the mental traps of frustration and despair and if all there is to do is to attend to simple daily tasks, then that is all that is required. The bigger picture must be allowed to manifest and this requires patience and Presence, for in the

Presence all problems are solved. You do not plant a seed in your garden one day and dig it up the next to see if it is growing. Of course not, you plant it and leave it alone, giving it water when it is needed. You know that it will grow and flourish with the right conditions in its own time, not yours. Thus it is with all matters in life. You know what you truly need in life and all that is required is to plant the seeds and tend to the environmental conditions so that they may flourish, but it is not your business to work out how they should flourish.

Know that your life is perfect and that you didn’t do anything wrong. If you have deliberately caused harm then it is for you to put things right as far as you can, but in many instances are you sure you did create harm? You can’t know the full facts about situations that are not yours to know or interfere with. It is the linear mind that judges and believes it has the answers and where situations beyond your immediate responsibilities are concerned you do not have all the facts. Pay attention to that which you can affect and tend to your own garden. Make positive choices where you are offered the opportunity and learn to live harmoniously alongside those aspects of your life which are incongruent with your mental wish list. You are already whole and it is your conditioned mind which tells you otherwise. Love who you are, for you are greatly loved.

There are circumstances in every life that cannot be altered because they are not meant to be. Blaming yourself or blaming others for those situations is fruitless and timewasting, and the quickest way to restore mental and emotional harmony is to be accepting of life as it is. You can call it what you want, The Universe, Divine Power, God, The Creator, or whatever words suit you, but you can’t deny It’s Presence in your life because this is what gives you life to start with, and it is a creative power way beyond the capabilities of your own mind.

There is no need to regret anything. Incarnation into your world is for the growth and love of the essence of who you truly are. There are no mistakes. Life is for living and death does not exist except for the physical vehicle you currently inhabit. The days of your life are to be looked forward to in the full knowledge that the end of physical life is the start of a new and exciting dimension to life and you will always continue to be essentially you.

It is pointless to look at others and wish you had what they appear to have for their path, with all the learning it entails, is unique to them as your is unique to you. Judgement is an entirely human activity and does not belong or occur in the spiritual realms. Part of every soul retains its place in those spiritual realms and this is commonly termed “the higher Self”, but is still part of you. Connect with the highest part of you as much as you can for it is in this connection that mental suffering dissolves and harmony is restored. Don’t look to the outer world for affirmation, look to this true part of yourself and you will find it there. This is your gift, use it wisely.

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