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CREON NOTES - November 2018

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

There is available to every person a body of intelligence which is far superior to anything you can imagine. There is never a moment when this intelligence is not available. It is everywhere, all seeing, all knowing, and all loving. Human beings are designed to interact with this intelligence and it is only a matter of intention that allows this to happen. A good word for it is simply The Presence, because information can only come to you in the Present moment, and indeed it is a present, a gift, because it is freely given and limitless.

Mental conditioning is such that humans have been discouraged from exploring the information content of this Presence for so long now that very few are consciously aware of Its existence or Its indescribable capabilities. You are so conditioned to rely on your own thinking, mostly driven by personal desire and fear, that you have become separated from universal intelligence as a baby taken from its mother is separated from her life giving milk.

So many of our human friends live their lives as if in a dream, experiencing only a tiny part of their true Self and barely making a connection with the Presence. Many have been discouraged throughout their lives, conditioned by religious and educational dogma, to the point that it has no meaning. This is sad indeed.

We have no wish to tell you how you should live your life for it is entirely up to you and rightly so, but we desire to remind you and remind you again that you are not alone. You are surrounded by the Presence which has abilities beyond your wildest imagination. You are far more known and understood than you realize and whilst you may rely on a sense of privacy and hide behind false presentations, you cannot hide from the Source which creates you, or from the Presence which knows you. In truth the two are one but even we cannot know the extent of Source.

Creative inspiration is a wonderful demonstration of human interaction with the Presence. To be Inspired is to be breathed and when you are inspired it is as if you are being breathed with a new and thrilling energy, with knowledge and pictures showing the end result of what it is you are in the process of creating. Whatever is most true to your personal nature is where your creativity will flow more easily and it is important for all people to have a good idea of where their creative abilities lie. The sooner this is understood the better, but it is also exciting to see people in later life changing course and flowing creatively in directions they had hitherto not experienced.

In the moment of creation, regardless of what form it takes, there is always a sense of upliftment, a moment of wellbeing, a moment of excitement and genuine Self-love. In that moment you love being you. You are in the flow and the mind is busy doing what it should be doing, working to support the end result of the creative project at hand and bringing it to material definition. This is contentment, for in these moments all loneliness is gone as you know you are interacting and relating with something that inspires you and you feel loved.

No one can feel truly inspired every moment of the day, human life is not designed for this, but allowing for moments of inspiration to increase in your daily life will do much to help. Two things are required to establish the connection to creativity: Awareness and Patience. Being aware of the Presence is only achieved when the thinking mind is still and you are willing to be in a state of awareness. Patience is the willingness to move to an awareness of being beyond linear time. Your culture appears to discourage the development of patience thus it is something you must take upon yourself to develop. Patience requires you to understand that a period of time may occur between seeing the end result and actually achieving it. You may be faced with a problem whose answer is not readily available. Be patient, hold awareness of the fact that you require an answer, and allow it to come to you in its own time, not yours. This is where the excitement is, knowing and trusting that the solution will come and often solutions come in miraculous ways.

Being creative is not restricted to the achievement of an artistic or cultural pursuit, it is the act of facing any situation, large or small, that requires action on your part in order to achieve a result. Each day is filled with creative opportunity and the experience of being at One with the Presence in the fulfillment of those opportunities is the true gift.

Know that you are not alone.

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